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Wise Woman’s Israel – Day 1

Tel Aviv – Jaffa 5:30 pm. Old Man and the Sea restaurant in Jaffa port (site of the ancient tale of Jonah and the Whale).

Last week, I wrote that my reporting in Israel-Palestine will be focused upon highlighting the savory side of life.

The media is FILLED with negativity from these parts.  When we focus upon negativity, it grows. My intent is to focus upon constructive aspects of my experience. I’m looking for it. That’s what I’ll share here.

Ill also record Facebook live broadcasts as harmonious things occur. They’ll be on my http://facebook.com/healingvoice/ page.

My hope is that you will join me and pass this good onwards.

My point is NOT to be Pollyanna–ish, nor to prove that “Jews”, “Arabs”, “Israel’, “Palestine” ate “good” or “bad”.  My purpose is to show how we humans are powerful beyond our control circumstances.

We live in the age of bully and victim mentality dominating the media. We also live in an age when one person’s voice can make a difference, even more than ever.

Walking from my friends home to the port, I passed the Jewish-Arab Children’s Theatre.

The poster describes the story of a girl and a boy who learn the price of pride and the gift of friendship.

Walking to the port, the sun glistened over the Mediterranean. Two young men played with an aerial balloon, a young woman played with her infant in the park, while a couple of Muslim women prepared barbeque for this evening’s Ramadan feast.

My fish was heavenly. The cornocopia of fresh salads went down my weary body with happy ease.

I’m gonna walk around two more hours while it’s still light outside, and get my body ready for the local middle eastern hour.

What questions do you have (that aren’t politics or “position” related?

Write a comment below. Please share to your social networks.

Until next time…

I’ll Liqayi

Hebrew and Arabic for…Until next time :-)!

PS The waiter just took my plates. He asked how did I enjoy my meal?

Fabulous, I replied.

Look what he just brought!?! I didn’t even ask…Eastern sweets and Arab coffee.

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