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Wise Feminine Leaders Movement

August 31st, 8am PT,  marks 60 years since I arrived to this world. 60 is an important year, marking the birth of WISDOM.

What I most want as a birthday gift is for you to join me to celebrate WISDOM and help our voices of good to be heard.

I’m celebrating with the release of MIriam’s Secret – Revealing the Ancient Wisdom of Feminine Leadership.  This book has been in the workings for over 13 years. I actually made the commitment to write it – over twenty years ago.

I have often said, that this book must be the longest launch in history…that is…until I consider that it took the Israelites over 40 years to launch their new lives in the promised land,.. almost twenty, is peanuts in comparison. In the end, it is wonderful that it has taken this long – In the ancient feminine wisdom way, less is more, and slow, can be the most direct route to any destination.

In the case of Miriam’s Secret – the timing couldn’t be more appropriate:

Our world is in chaos. Miriam’s wisdom and feminine leadership can help provide a bridge, providing helpful tools for modern living.

Have you noticed the lack of feminine role models – particularly over the age of 50, in the media?  Baby Boomers are the most amazing pioneer generation of women! Our voices MUST be HEARD and celebrated.

Mindfulness has entered the mainstream. As old structures break down, stress is at an all time high. People need solutions…traditional corporations are even incorporating mindfulness programs into their routines.

My GOAL at 60 is: 1000 feminine leaders to TOUCH 1000 others.

If you do the math, this adds up to 100 MILLION PEOPLE. 60 is the age of wisdom.  I feel like good wine…getting better with age. Yet more than half my life has passed. It’s time to stop playing small and come out fully. I must do this, if I am to fully share of my gifts.

My goal is to empower 1000 successful women during my lifetime to FULLY share their voices, so that they touch another 1000 lives.

So, in celebration of my 60th birthday and the launch of Miriam’s Secret,  we’re initiating  the birth of the Wise Feminine Leader Movement to empower wisdom role models for the gorgeous younger generation, for society to gain from the wealth of this pioneer generation who is changing the world as we know it.

I invite you to help share the wisdom and leadership that Miriam offers us with others. .This is living history. It is a way to positively impact our world in a constructive direction.

We believe in the power of of every voice to make a difference and we also know about the 6-degrees of separation.

So I’m sharing this list of how each one of us can help spread the voice of wisdom and feminine leadership through Miriam’s Secret:

  • Assistance with possible coverage in such newspapers as the LA Times, London TImes, New York Times, Washington Post, Jerusalem Post, Wall Street Journal, Ms. Magazine, Yoga Journal, Women Entrepreneur, or local papers, secular, or Jewish.
  • Contacts at Magazines such as Yoga Journal, Oprah, Mindful.org, Elle.
  • Contacts with TV shows for possible appearances such as Today, and other morning shows Oprah, the View, the Talk, etc…as well as local TV.
  • Arranging for a lecture – healing music meditation at a venue, yoga center, liberal synagogue or church, artist in residence weekend, and for lectures to professional women’s organizations, Jewish Federations, Women’s Division, international, national and local.
  • Connection with any PR people who might want to do pro bono work to promote feminine leadership.
  • Posting an announcement about the book with a link on your social media, and help with social media and any other publicity ideas and suggestions.
  • Pre-ordering quantities of books, purchasing books and giving out as gifts to your friends and family for the Hebrew New Year, as gifts for birthday, retirement, etc..
  • Write a review on goodreads.com
  • Write a reader review on amazon.com



 If you can help with any or all of these suggestions, please email us at info@voicesofeden.com.
 Thank you SO much for sharing YOUR voice. It truly makes a difference!
Celebration IS Leadership.
I’d be so delighted if you’d learn more about Miriam’s Secret.
I really appreciate your help – your voice makes a difference. We will all be empowered!
Look forward to our celebration together!

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