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What if Your Fear Silenced You?

I’ve been speaking a lot with women who don’t know their dreams, their joy is gone. They don’t know what’s next and are afraid that time will run out before they figure it out.

What if fear were preventing your passions, your dreams to be clear for you?

I was trying to find my passion, my direction. Something deep inside called me, yet it had no name. Below are photos of me during what I’ll call my “yuppie days”.


What would life look like if we never took the leap?
What would you life be like, if we DIDN’T get clear on our passions? Never trusted our hunches?
What if it really had to be perfect, with everything in order, other’s needs taken care of before ours with enough money in the bank so we’d never have to worry about where our next check was coming from.

Well…kill me now. Sounds like living hell to me.

Life is not tidy. Birth and new beginnings are messy. Life happens.  It’s bigger than our little minds.

It’s the week just prior to Passover, a time of freedom from slavery. A time of rebirth.

I want to share one of the most transformative experiences of my life with you, completing the commitment to publish Miriam’s Secret – Revealing the Ancient Wisdom of Feminine Leadership BEFORE MY 60th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

Leaning into the Fear

In 1992, I was working in the news research department of CBS television during the broadcasting of the Olympic Games from France.

The news research department is where decisions are made as to what to broadcast on the news. I sat next to a friendly gentleman whose job it was to read the wire services, such as the United Press, the Associated Press International, and Reuters, aiming to find newsworthy headlines that would be of interest for the daily news program.

Day after day, I would listen to his exclamatory “oohs” and “ahhs” in response to a headline. It drove me nuts, yet I had a difficult time reconciling whether to say something or keep my mouth shut. I wanted to speak my truth, but I was afraid I’d be fired if I did.

Then, one day when he said, “Listen to this!” I interrupted him before he continued with, “I don’t need to listen, because I already know what you are going to tell me.”

“No, you don’t,” he replied.

“Yes, I do,” I insisted.

“What?” he inquired.

“Don’t you see?” I said, then continued, “It’s always the same story of war, rape, pillage, murder, burglary, or disaster. Good news is a cease fire. Only the names and places change.”

“That’s not true. Let’s look together,” he said, challenging me. I moved my chair next to his so that we could watch the computer screen together. The situation was exactly as I had imagined. A sad joke began between us, as he promised, “I swear I’m going to find you your good news story.” His intention was never fulfilled.

During those few months working for CBS, I silently prayed to the Divine to know my purpose and use it for a higher purpose. Little did I know then that my prayers would be answered less than a year later while singing on the inner-city trains of Paris.

Learning to Hear Inner Truth


When I decided to stop taking work just to pay the bills and to trust the wisdom inside me to guide me, not only did I discover that it is wise to listen to the inner voice, I learned that when we express it outwardly, it has a healing and transformational effect not only upon us, but also upon others.

When people would ask me how I learned to produce the unique quality of vocal tones coming out of my mouth, their response to what I told them was frequently, “My God, that story sounds like a Hollywood movie. You have got to write down these anecdotes. Others will want to know about this.”

Eventually, I had heard this response so many times, that I made a commitment that one day—when the time was right—I would follow through and write my stories down.

Writing this book is the culmination of that commitment I made twenty plus years ago singing on the trains!


The gift… the candy… the rewards…

If we dare follow the guidance of the inner voice, it will take us to good places. During an entire year, six days a week, I sang on the inner-city trains of Paris, which was my training ground (pun intended) for developing the ancient feminine healing sound and leadership model that I now teach.

Call it a walking meditation or prayer. The process was always about showing up in the present moment, meeting the fear of death, or any other thought, feeling, or sensation that would come up in the moment.

There was always something in my head that tried to stop me.

Thoughts like: Are you nuts? You’ve gone crazy! What are you doing on this train? Stop this instant! What if your family saw you? What would they say!? Fears and critical voices such as these were arising to keep me from showing up and following through on what that softer, deeper, oceanic voice within me was directing me to do. As I would release these resistant and frightened feelings one by one, a harmonious voice would just flow out of me. It was amazing grace. It amazed me then and it still does to this day.

During the entire year I spent singing on the trains, I never thought about the performance aspect of singing, nor was I doing it for money. I never once asked for money directly, and yet I received everything I needed to cover all my expenses from contributions people would hand to me spontaneously. The process was a sort of walking musical meditation, of showing up in each moment, naked like a newborn.

That year healed me of the tremendous shame of my father washing my mouth out with soap for speaking my truth, and ultimately it led to my moving to Israel to revive an ancient feminine sound healing and leadership technique.

Over the years since then, this modality has been clinically researched and proven to lower blood pressure and heart rate, increase focus, and improve the quality of sleep.

My life experiences formed the basis of my personal transformation and self-connection, as well as establishing a foundation for my subsequent discoveries about the ancient healing and transformational knowledge discussed in this book. In Miriam’s Secret, I am proposing a whole new idea of the Promised Land. Instead of it being a destination, the Promised Land is the powerful experience of self-connection or self-leadership. What if you are the destination you are searching for? It is simply about being you without changing a thing.

Now What?!

Full circle has brought me back to Los Angeles to be with my 87 year old mom – after 25 years of living abroad.

I am now working from a base in the US, with women like me, who in the midst of trying to do it all, lost themselves.  Lost their clarity, their self compassion, and connection to their inner calm.

Yet it doesn’t make sense or feel safe to seek help when we’re so used to succeeding by doing things alone.  The way of getting ahead was by daring to be a “lone ranger”.   Now what’s called for, is leaving the known behind and daring to follow the unknown. Yes, it feels vulnerable. But this kind of vulnerability is not a weakness…it’s a strength.

This is where I love working with people… in that space which is beyond words and makes no logical sense. Aligning with this place connects you to your true power instead of feeling like power is controlling you.

This is where we dive in. This is where nothing I could tell you about the journey ahead would ever be enough to calm the part of us that is scared.  You can only discover your dreams in your life, by being willing to dive off the edge and catch the current.  Only then, will you truly know the abundant safety of going with the flow.

This is why I am offering two gifts during the week of Passover:

1) Free Webinar: 3 Mistakes that Keep You from Knowing What’s Next – Wed. 3/28

Get details here.

2) Discover the Life of Your Dreams Free Breakthrough Session: This is something I am happy to offer because I didn’t have anyone to turn to when I was overwhelmed.  I had to figure it all out and quite frankly, it took years.  Now I know how huge it is to have and to give this help.
If you are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, or even confused about what to do next.  Aching to feel clear, content, and discover the life of your dreams.

Discover the Life of Your Dreams Breakthrough Session

  1. Get Clarity around what steps you need to take to be in alignment with your purpose and your passions so you can live the life of your dreams.
  2. Discover the #1 thing that’s keep you from living the life you’d love to live.
  3. Determine the essential methods to empowering yourself to sustaining the life of your dreams.
  4. Identify the most powerful actions that allow you to feel clear, engaged and in love with your life.
  5. Complete the session with excitement of knowing exactly what to do next to discover the life of your dreams.

I’m offering this session free to a limited number of people during the week of Passover, so please reach out immediately to reserve your space if this speaks to you, or SHARE with someone who would benefit.

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