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Want to Find Your Authentic Voice?

So many people feel they have to turn away from their inner voice.

They think they have to play a role to get along in business and in life. Deep inside, they don’t believe that being themselves is enough to get what they want. Yet ironically, how you attune your voice makes the difference of whether you get what you want or you don’t.

Although the internet went out last week, keeping me from posting to my blog, there was a something else – change occurring on a deeper level, beneath the surface…I didn’t have words to describe what was going on.

In those cases, when shift is occurring and you don’t have words to describe what it is there’s a tendency to do one of a few things that inadvertently sabotage the change wanting emerge, and one that definitely helps the birth come to full fruition:

  1. Avoid and isolate. You run away from addressing the issue because it’s just too uncomfortable. What will “they” say?
  2. Follow up with something “else”. The “else” is close to the issue, but not “it”, (that thing that is emerging, which you cannot articulate yet). This is great to “go getters”, because you get to cross off your check list for having “completed” the task. Yet inside it leaves you feeling like you missed the mark, ‘cuz it’s the connection to the authentic thing happening inside that will fuel your satisfaction and sense of fulfillment.
  3. Jump in with all fours. There’s no guarantee. It feels vulnerable. Yet when you remain present with the unknown, flowing down the river, through all its twists and turns, rocks and rapids, life becomes SOSOSOSO fun and fulfilling, because you’re saying YES to the adventure. This is where the clarity comes in.

Such has been the experience of my journey to Israel. Originally scheduled to return to LA in December, my inner voice guided me to stay on, even though I rented out my home and healing music center for another year.
After thinking that the photo shoot I wanted to have in Israel would NOT happen, given the rain, my imminent return to LA and the photographer travelling overseas, NOT DOING something “else” and Jumping in with all fours, led to it happening, in ways that neither of us could imagine. As I write this, I am waiting to receive the proofs.
Last week, what was percolating, was my desire to record new healing music before I return to the US.  I had no words to explain that, nor did I have ANY idea, how this could be possible.

Yet as you read this, I have just returned from the Mediterranean port of Acco – wGhattas 2here we recorded potent healing music in an AMAZING ancient bath house! Jumping in with all fours and going with the flow…WORKS.  This will give you a little taste of what it was like…HEAVEN

The power of this ancient wisdom and sound healing way has only increased with the years.

The prevalent results VIP clients report enjoying are:
• Being able to stand in my power with confidence
• Not being afraid of judgment
• Knowing that my voice is relevant – so that I speak my truth, no matter what
• Getting rid of the inner chaos, I have clarity to take my next step forward

The music recorded today will form the basis of a new product I’m developing: Personalized Breakthrough – Guided Meditation Program for standing in your power with clarity and confidence so you can get your authentic voice out there to the world.
It’s the reason behind my changing my return to the US. I’m investing a lot of time and energy to expand this service because the healing energy of this land is SO potent.

ghattas-bathI’m designing this package to help you connect you to your inner truth and dissipate blocks standing in the way of expressing your authentic voice with ease.

The program includes:

• A Personally designed and recorded Guided Meditation – with Sacred Healing Music Recorded Live in Ancient Israel
• In depth self mentor session – to Determine focus of your Guided Meditation
• Guide for Optimum Use
• 30 Minute – Call Following Your Personalized Guided Meditation to make sure you get the most out of using your meditation
• Majorly cool BONUSES e.g. For Quick Decision Makers – Hand Made Healing Drum – MUST BE ORDERED BY 1/21
• BONUS 2: Healing Bell – Dissipates Negativity –Expands mind and heart at Cellular Level
• BONUS 3: 24 Track Audio Program – Rhythms of Your Natural Voice – Healing Chakras
• BONUS 4: 50 Page Workbook with Exercises, Healing Music
• BONUS 4: Ancient Healing and Transformational Music Track for your own meditation

If this speaks to you, pop me a line at info at voicesofeden.com with the subject: Composition Package, to schedule a consultation – to go over your options and receive a special promotion savings of 30% off the full investment.

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