Do you ever find yourself hearing your inner voice’s guidance and start to follow it, only to doubt yourself once you’re in the middle of your path?

This week’s episode of Wisdom Wednesdays is all about Intuition… how to develop it… how to trust it… I recorded this video in the garden of my healing music center in Galilee, Israel.


Hearing this music meditation today in Los Angeles, fills me with gratitude.

Five years ago, I felt the urge to come here to spend time with my family. My mother would celebrate her 84 birthday on June 29th, my stepfather, at 91 was failing in his health.  I wanted to see him before it would be too late.

I arrived on June 24th.  He passed on the morning of her birthday.   My inner guidance directed me to stay with mom in LA.  The “voice” guided me to bring this ancient healing sound therapy to those going through change so they can learn to embrace uncertainty & propel forward in times of change for prosperity & success.

Had I not trusted my intuition, and come to the US, I would have missed the chance to sing for my stepfather in his passing.   I would not have had the chance to say goodbye in person. I had NO idea he would pass-on just four days after I arrived!

In ancient times, wordless voice and rhythm were applied by the feminine leaders and prophetesses to ease the soul in it’s transition out of the body. It was a blessing to be able to assist a family member in their transition.

The historical applications of this sound and leadership way were in birth, death, stress reduction, increasing focus which aided in clear, confident decision making.  Today, it is being revived for mindful health, wellness, and feminine leadership development.

Your wisdom will guide you to your good if you listen to it.

Where does trusting and acting upon your intuition most challenge you?

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