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How to Speak Up Without Getting Smacked Down

If you’ve ever been afraid to put yourself out there for fear of being smacked down by others who don’t understand you…This video below will show you first hand, how to show up for yourself and remain connected.

This is one of the most raw videos I have ever recorded. I’m really not sure how you’ll respond. Yet, when things come apart, that is the time to come together. This is why I decided to go ahead.

I shot the video to be of help to those of you who yearn to feel safe expressing yourself authentically….especially when you’ve been criticized and are feeling vulnerable (I’m the poster child here :-)…

You’ll learn a tip for what to do if that happens, such that you can transform seeming disaster into your divine healing.

You’ll learn an effective way to move past this entire conundrum for good.

All the best, Eliana

PS  February is devoted to community connection.  Stay tuned for some great tools to help you clarify your purpose so you can make your mark in the world.

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