IMG_0526[1]I just returned from three weeks in Israel. It was a powerful visit. It had been more than a year since I had been in my home and healing music center. I returned to rent it out for another year and to prepare for the Well of Wisdom tour this coming December. Historical heat only served to warm my heart. Inspired, I took lots of pictures…a videos. I wanted to upload and share them with you immediately. Time constraints of needing to rent out my home and center took precedence. So…I’ll post over the next several weeks. It’s pretty cool sharing with you after having returned to LA. The experience of joy grows wider, as I hope it will for you.

The sacred oak grove, where we will have an amazing exchange with local feminine leaders was an absolute inspiration. It was the first place I visited. The buzz of energy was palpable. So much so, I whipped out my camera to record, praying that the phone would capture the sacred sound of the sacred grove…it did!

Listen here…does it affect you like it does me? What do you think?

From there, I went to the sacred site of Bet Shearim…to visit the temple (in the sweltering heat). No mind, my heart was pounding to return after being gone so long. I found an ancient shard and explain in this video, how they were used to build the temple walls:

What does the shard conjure up for you? I’d love to hear from you. Please comment below or on the page.

I’m in process of preparing the event page for the program in December. I’ll post the link as soon as it is prepared.

All the best, Eliana