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No matter how stuck you feel, there is always a way around.

No matter how stuck you feel, there is always a way around. 

A good example of this is water. It ALWAYS finds a way around everything…boulders, rocks…it can even bore a hole in the hardest of surfaces, one drop at a time, over a period of time.

Less is more. Slow is fast. 

Janis Gildin was looking for a set of skills that she could utilize and refer back to gain clarity around her vision to move forward in the world – using her skills as a midwife, and articulating her voice to help me make it manifest.

She was not used doing this. Her tendency was to provide for and support others. Her husband, children, and community came before her needs. When it came time for her to speak her truth…her voice would remain silent.

The breakthrough began during her work she did during her VIP Day. Just the fact that she chose to do it was a big step in showing up for herself.

The Way is Invisible

Then on the Voicing Your Feminine Power Live Journey in Israel, she noted how powerful the invisible force of the land, and the silence behind the sound allowed for her to connect to the source of her feminine power, gain the courage to meet her inner blocks with softness and the confidence to give voice to her spiritual power.

It all culminated at the sacred site of Timna, in the Hathor Temple.

In the midst of her initiation offering, a handsome, middle aged man, riding a bicycle appeared out of nowhere (in the middle of the desert?!?!?!?) !!!! He carried a camera with a LARGE lens. The kind that the paparazzi use :-)… It’s as if this sacred energy magnetized him to the place.

My role as group leader was to hold the safe space, to make sure the sacred energy would not be broken, and all the participants would feel confident.

“What is he doing here? Where did he come from?”, I wondered. He approached. I greeted him, and asked him what language he speaks. “Spanish”, he answered. His energy was so respectful, so full of honor, that I allowed him to stay – provided he would not publish the photos he intended to take.

Something in Janis’ energy was magnetizing this presence and it felt important for her to be seen and heard in her power.  Boy, what power came through.

Moving from stuckness to flow…in the simplest most beautiful way…requires neither pyrotechnics, nor pushing. 

Less is More. Slow is Fast.

You can experience it in her video below.

Where would  slowing down in this very busy hectic season support you? 

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