Connect to Your Inner Clarity! 

Therapeutic Singing Meditation Gift Kit 

Composed & Recorded LIVE in Ancient Galilee Healing Site with Eliana Gilad



In this Therapeutic Singing Meditation Kit with mp3 and Quick Start Guide, you’ll experience:

✔️Soothing vocals help you hear yourself and stop people-pleasing others

✔️Wordless sound releases blocks and helps you tap into your true authority

✔️Therapeutic singing; the resurgence of an ancient healing tradition

✔️Healing vibrations from the ancient Galilee LIVE recording site

✔️Ancient feminine vocal tradition clinically proven to lower anxiety 


“Soothed by the music magic in your two TEDx talks, I got connected to my inner clarity and am able to move forward (even when I’m unsure what’s next).  I’m ready for more. Thanks!”  Jan M.

“Eliana Gilad is like an ancient priestess, bestowing enchantment and alchemy through rhythm and sound. She takes you to a very deep place and then lifts you to a beautiful high.”

Marianne Williamson, Best Selling Author, Return to Love