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MidEast Peace – My Solution

Last week, the news of political strife in Gaza/Israel, struck a new slew of  “discourse”, “arguments”, “heated criticism” on one of the conscious, spiritually oriented professionals groups I belong to on Facebook.

The drama, spurred me, at 2am in the morning to share my personal experience of 20+ years living in the middle east, hoping to shed some light for conscious individuals, looking for solution…I wrote:

“I’m a former CBS broadcaster. I threw away my television set in 1989. I had no intention of putting into my consciousness images of lack and fear. My commitment has been to release every thought of lack and limitation.

If something bothers me, I search for the root INSIDE of me. 
When I moved from France to Israel in 1992, I chose not to continue working with CBS. I figured that the world does not need one more voice to be selling fear...which is what commercial news is selling (regardless of particular circumstance,).

I have lived in the middle East for 20+ years, living and working with Israelis and Palestinians; Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Druze, in harmony EVEN IN WARTIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The gift of Israel-Palestine is that it is steeped in the history of so many different archtypes, spanning so many civilizations, that the western (and particularly American and Western European tendency) to categorize good and bad - like in the movies, is a naive response, suprising for otherwise conscious souls with discriminating abilities. 
As much as I LOVE the beauty and harmony I have been privileged to share with so many Israelis and Palestinians, these days, I hardly EVER speak about it.
Why?  Because it falls on deaf ears. There is such a polarization today - either a. Israel is a barbaric apartheid state or b. Israel can do no wrong or c. Palestinians are victims and there's no gray in between.
What about those of us who live conscious lives?
Those who do not fit into any of those dynamics. We do not identify with ANY of them (even living through war).
I have lived this since 1992 and there are countless others - both Israeli and Palestinian who live conscious lives, like these two midwives who  tirelessly work to bring babies into a new era.
Our voices are important!
Did you know that over 40,000 Jewish, Christian, Muslim Israeli AND Palestinian women, both religious and secular, from all sides of the political spectrum have been gathering to be accountable in making a difference. They are walking their talk!
When you get tired of the circle of victimy, you step out of it and show up accountable for the only one you can be accountable for...YOURSELF!
How peaceful are your thoughts? How accepting are they of this duality of life drama?
The gift that living in Israel has brought me, is 1. The opportunity to heal myself of overly political correctness -politeness growing up in the US, 2. The great chance to live and work and play amongst diverse cultures, mindsets and traditions within a postage stamp sized country...and 3. Learning how every prism, every divergent view of "truth" has truth in it.
It's like the story of the elephant and the 3 wise blind men describing what an elephant is.
One of them, holding the tail says "Truth is...elephant is like a rope". The one touching the leg says..."No that's not true, an elephant is like a tree". "What are you talking about?' says the third man, holding the trunk, "An elephant is like a hose"!
Which one is right? 
I believe it's time for us to remember that everything is connected. The only truth there is, is that which never changes.
What a beautiful opportunity we have in today's world, to connect to the SOURCE of our power WITHIN. Change is not going to happen by governments. It changes by individuals, one by one, according to the choices we each make.
Thousands of Israeli and Palestinian women are walking their talk!
Your voice makes a difference! How are you using yours today? 
I'm traveling to Israel next week and will be there for two months.
First ten days I'll be sitting in silent retreat in meditation (with many others).  After that, I'll be blogging, and filming - organically, inspiring and empowering events, and interviews with everyday people, of all walks of life, living in SOLUTION. This is my contribution to living peace. "
How can YOU contribute to living SOLUTION today? 
One way is to share this blog post on your social networks. Use media for CONSTRUCTIVE PURPOSES!  Another is to leave a constructive comment below - (to add to the discussion). If you find yourself stirred up - you can download a free healing music meditation that was composed and recorded in a sacred peaceful site in Galilee, where both Jews and Arabs live for millenia.

What we focus upon grows. Let's focus on the GOOD!

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