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June 2022

Epic Vision Zone: We’ve got a new birth!  Jane Applegath’s Epic Vision Zone: Emerge Triumphant Interview was released yesterday!  I asked Jane…

“What in particular, inspired you in this interview”? 

Jane’s response?

I love the segment that starts at approximately 8.17 minutes, where I ask about “The Science and Power of Vibration” and your response.”

Hint: My response will move mountains (or at least rocks)…listen in and get inspired yourself.

Which part inspires YOU the most?  Leave the time stamp in the comments below the video…We can’t wait to hear from you…


Chatting with Betsy: Betsy Wurzel Interviews writers, speakers, mothers, fathers and children dealing with unique and difficult family situations where a caregiver is involved.

At 30 minutes into the recording, we discuss the importance of your role in this world and how to align with it during these uncertain times.  And for those who are interested in knowing more about the ancient prophetess Miriam and her healing ways…I spilled the beans on a lot in this interview. Listen in…

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Tell Me Your Story with Richard Duggan: New Paradigms for a New World: Apple Podcast

Right at the start of the broadcast – Richard jumps right in to HIS reason for bringing me on…he says…

”I’m FED UP, EXHAUSTED, TIRED and SPENT with all this survival living amidst all the uncertainty. I’m ready to EMERGE. That is the KEYWORD!”

If you have any of these same sentiments, you’re going to LOVE this podcast. Listen in from the very beginning! Then leave your comment in the comments section…”how do YOU relate to what we’re discussing?”



May 2022

The Psychic Coffee Shop with Aeson Knight:  Sharing current events from a psychic perspective. 

This is the first interview in the Emerge Triumphant – Thrive through Uncertainty Media tour. I had NO idea what to expect – particularly given that my first interviewer is male.

Listen in at 32:00 minutes  where we discuss how music and matriarchal lineage form healthy bonds. While listening to Aeson’s recordings, I discovered he was raised in a matriarchal family of Roma (gypsy) tradition.  This fascinated me and I asked him about it.  

Connections – Relationship Radio Show with Melissa Fox: This radio interview with Melissa, was also recorded on zoom.

You’ll SEE us in LIVE action.

This second interview deepened my curiosity as I listened to the radio advertisements, which sounded geared to an ultra conservative listenership. “Why am I addressing this crowd?” It made NO sense….that is…until Melissa and I finished our broadcast.

Melissa transparently shared that though she  broadcasts on a conservative radio station, that being lesbian and conservative herself, she feels the need to bring a different perspective that the listeners might otherwise not have access to.  

Wow. What a beautiful example of feminine leadership and inclusivity…to show up “out of the box”,  “n the box”.   Much good can come when we’re willing to connect with those who are DIFFERENT than us. 

At  32:15  into the recording, we discuss how ancient sound techniques can be used for connecting to those out of sort, disconnected places within you.

     Pop Off with Mary Jane Popp: KAHI Radio: a fast-paced Magazine Radio Show dedicated to keeping you on the cutting edge of today’s hot button issues. From the inner to the outer self,

    This is a great listen to hear what it’s like to switch into a different pace than you’re used to. It’s a great model of moving from “zen” to “zippy” on the flip of a dime. If you want to experience thriving through uncertainty in REAL TIME, this is a great listen. 

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