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Interview with Kamala Murphey: Gentle Women Uprising

1) What does expresing your authentic voice mean to you?

Expressing my authentic voice means being able to drop all the masks of looking good or being liked and instead dropping in to my heart, listening to what most longs to be said, and sharing that. It also means trusting that God “has my back” and that my vulnerability and openness blesses me and others – even if I am met with pushback or disapproval from some people.

2) How have you hidden your own authentic voice?

Oh, my! I’ve been known as “the quiet one” in most of the groups I’ve been in! I’ve been nice and very likable – except that no one really knew me beyond that. Even though I’ve been blessed with a very healing energy – people feel good just being around me – until recently, I never gave voice to it!

3) Why? How did it start?

As a very young child, I was probably just overflowing with joy and exuberance…evidently to the great annoyance of my second grade teacher. I remember clearly standing in class for ‘show and tell’ and being told, “Don’t come up here and share unless you have something important to say.” I was crushed! From that point on, I just kept quiet, because how could I tell what was important or not?

4) What were your biggest fears of expressing your authentic voice?

I think my biggest fear in expressing myself, my voice, my joy in life, was that I would once again be completely blindsided and devastated by the experience. Clearly, I was still reacting from my 7-year old self!

5) How have you overcome it? What are you actively doing to come out of your cave?

I’ve been fortunate to find some gentle people who have seen my gifts as valuable, have helped ME see them as valuable, and encouraged me to come out and play again! One of the ways I’m doing that is hosting a speaker series called The Gentle Women’s Uprising: moving from nice but not noticed to Powerful, Playful, and Paid Well! It’s been a wonderful way for me to deeply honor my gift of gentleness and to also beckon other gentle women forward! I absolutely believe that NOW is a time for sensitive, gentle women to rise up and break free from the limiting beliefs and attitudes we’ve held about who we are and our value! Gentleness is not weakness. In its purest form, it is a great gift and a strength!

6) What role does music play in your life? How do you use it in a healing way?

I love music! I don’t sing much – funny, that same second grade teacher told me I couldn’t sing! – but music opens my heart and stirs me. I truly believe that Spirit speaks to me and moves me through music!

7) What words of inspiration would you have for open hearted people looking for support in expressing their authentic voice and being seen and heard for who they really are?

I think one of the most important things is to find other gentle, compassionate people., They are out there! WE are out there! We so want to see you shine your glorious light and hear you sing your glorious song! PLEASE come play with us!

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