Are you burnt out to the point where you can’t even remember what your dreams are? 

Though you got to where you are by working hard, now it’s sucking the lifeblood out of you. Do your “have-to-do” lists compete with your restorative time, keeping you enslaved?

If you can relate, this may be a symptom that your life is out of balance.    It’s also a signal of another problem – you’re disconnected from the nurturing source of your feminine power.

When you are disconnected from your feminine power, it shuts you off  from your flow of energy.  You feel depleted, exhausted,  perhaps even depressed.

Your body is screaming for you to stop and rest.  Yet your mind keeps racing, pushing you to do more, for fear that if you stop, you’ll lose control.

If you’re an business owner, or entrepreneur, it can feel scary to stop, because the bills still need to be paid.

There’s so much to do…so many others depend upon you.  You’re dependable  and you don’t want to let others down.

Being unwilling to let others down, you end up letting down the most important person who can make the difference…YOU.

You abandon yourself,  ignoring those signals that beckon you to stop, take time out and retreat?  When you put other’s needs before your own, you deplete and dis-empower yourself. Your decisions are cloudy and much less effective than when make from a place of clarity.

How much longer are you willing to suffer the stress and exhaustion that comes from NOT stopping?  Today – more and more women in midlife are dropping dead from heart attack, with no prior warning.

It’s not self-indulgence, it’s critical self care to take time to replenish your energy before you move forward. Taking time out can actually be a matter or life and death.

So what can you do to banish burnout and depletion?

In ancient times leaders would regularly retreat to temples and avail themselves of sacred sound applications and rhythms that bypassed the intellect and connected them to higher mind. Women were the leaders. They were musicians. Music was used in particularly for times of transition.

In Ancient Israel and Egypt we see remnants of this history in the archaeological sites.

Replenished and rejuvenated through the sound, they would leave with clarity to know what to do next.

Transitions also create great stress.  There are 3 ways ancient healing music is used to address burnout and depletion…

  1. Acoustic Sound: no synthesizers means the healing properties or “vitamins” of the music are still in tact. When looking for music to use – check the label. For example, if you see the word “Keyboards” used, that refers to synthesized, electronic music. If you see the word “Piano” used, that is an authentic, acoustic instrument.
  2. Wordless Music: The human voice is our most powerful instrument. When we use it without words, it bypasses our intellect, quiets the mind and brings us to a place of greater clarity. Voices of Eden music is 100% acoustic and wordless.
  3. Practice Shabbat – take a weekend off: The Hebrew practice of sabbath (day of rest), and welcoming it in with sacred chants devoted to the “bride”,  is a beautiful remnant, alluding to the sacred healing power of feminine sound.

How would it feel to be able to express what you have in your heart fully, clearly, and with all the power of your soul without feeling like you have to tone it down to be accepted or heard or even understood?

I’ve crafted the Replenish Your Energy – Reignite Your Passion Weekend retreat to revive this ancient restorative tradition and help women in transition to get clear on what’s next!

Through the use of creative music and vocal techniques you gain new skills for speaking your truth that takes you out of your head and into your heart. As a result, you communicate in a way that expresses what you are honestly wanting to share and at the same time can fully be heard by others.

By the end of this weekend retreat you’ll replenish your energy and reignite your passion through ancient feminine sound healing techniques.

Imagine gaining crystal clarity about your direction in life and reclaiming delicious forgotten parts of yourself!

By learning these ancient feminine sound healing techniques you’ll:

  • Breathe more deeply, sleep more soundly.
  • Remain calm amidst chaos.
  • Effortlessly experience the deep resonance of your authentic power.
  • Fearlessly project your natural voice that inspires others to action.
  • Make sounds that free you to become a model of healing.

Imagine yourself wrapped in the wings of the “Shechinah” (Divine Feminine presence) as you unwind during our magical candlelit Ancient Feminine Healing Music Shabbat Ceremony, relax into our introductory and intention setting session which sets the deeply peaceful pace of the entire weekend.

The intimate environment created is one of safety and serenity. As this healing sound work is deep and profound, there is a special intimacy created where it is safe to be who you are and not be judged.

You don’t have to be Jewish. This is NOT a religious activity. There is no dogma or belief system attached to this work.  You don’t have to be a singer either. There is absolutely NO prior experience required!

If you want to match how you feel inside with the way you express yourself outside…If you want to live and create with presence and authenticity…If you want to be an inspiring leader, standing solidly in your feminine power…Then join me in this life-changing immersion into ancient feminine sound healing techniques.

It’s gonna be delicious and delightful.  If this sounds (pun intended) intriguing, let’s set up a clarity call and see if it’s a right fit for you.   Schedule a call here.  Or send an email to: if you don’t find a time to agrees with your schedule.