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Invest – Holiday Healing Music Choir

Voices of Eden and UCLArts and Healing team up to provide a holiday healing music tour of the So. Cal and Orange County Hospital Waiting Rooms – between the dates of December 16-28, 2015


color group mideavelVoices of Eden has partnered up with UCLArts and Healing to provide healing music in the hospital waiting rooms over the holidays. They aim to recruit organizations to book the choir, attract donors to fund and cover the costs of this pioneering project with fully deductible tax contributions, and recruit committed healing singers interested in participating in this volunteer endeavor.

Project Rationale:

Anxiety is contagious among family members when hospitalization, whether planned or an emergency, is required for one of its members. Research states that any illness severe enough to send someone to intensive care is life threatening and can produce severe stress in the family. Sources of stress include fear of death, uncertain outcomes for the patient, emotional havoc, financial worries, unfamiliar environments, and routine disruption. Manifestations of stress include tension, arguments, sleeplessness, helplessness, and psychosomatic symptoms.

Holiday time can add to the stress. Voices of Eden music is a healing music modality which uses a wordless form of singing that produces a deep relaxation response.

It was originally researched in a neonatal intensive care unit during war time strife in a 50/50% Israeli-Palestinian hospital and found to reduce stress, increase focus, and improve quality of sleep amongst patients and their parents.

The benefits of this healing music modality are multiple:

1. No words overcomes the language barrier.
2. There is no particular kind of music to “like” or “dislike”. This is a form of sound healing.
3. Wordless music bypasses the intellect and quiets the mind in a meditative calm.
4. Family members, friends, caretakers and loved ones can relax, which enables them to be more responsive to the patient and medical staff.
5. The positive environment that ensues is constructively contagious.
6. The music modality is improvisational, which provides ease of organization and flexibility in constantly changing dynamics within a hospital environment.
7. The music is acoustic and requires little to no sound equipment.

With strife in the middle east at unprecedented highs and violent shootings in the US of innocent people creating panic among the public, it’s particularly important to use the media for constructive purposes.  This project, as well as this healing music modality were BORN amdist strife. It’s a LIVING example of solution. We don’t hear or see enough of this in the media. Our voices of sanity are important. They must be heard as well.

Given that the middle east is at top of mind in the news, both from the strife standpoint, and from the holiday “holyland” aspect, the media are looking for “contrast” stories showing goodwill and humanity.

Watch this calming clip from a recent rehearsal:

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Fund Raising

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  • Artistic Direction – $5000
  • Press Coordination – $5000
  • Business Coordination – $5000
  • Video – Filming – Recording – $5000
  • Vehicles – Transportation – Sound – Supplies – $6000
  • Contingency – $1000
  • Financial Management – UCLArts (15%) – $5000


Total – $32,000

Donations by check should be made payable to Arts and Healing Initiative earmarked for Healing Music Choir and sent to 2626 33rd Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405-3111. Donors will be acknowledged on the website and at all programs where Eliana will compose a live healing music meditation – on the spot – dedicated to those caring souls whose donation allowed this project to come to fruition. .

We also accept donations by credit card. To make arrangements, please email info@uclartsandhealing.org or call (310) 452-1439. Other inquiries (310) 951-3947.

The Arts and Healing Initiative is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization that supports UCLArts and Healing (tax ID #26-1485541). Your donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

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Attention Healing Singers

We’re seeking healing singers to participate in this volunteer holiday project to bring wordless healing music to those caring for those in need.
 We will be singing wordless vocals – without instrumentation. Watch the video above to hear what this soundscape healing music sounds like.
Here’s a video of a public health post trauma music project in Haifa:

This is NOT a performance. It is the revival of an ancient use of voice and natural rhythm as healing and transformation tools, such were used in ancient matriarchal Israel of pre-biblical times. If you’re ego motivated performer, this is NOT for you. If you are ready to be IN SERVICE to the music, this IS for you.
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Learn more about the research here: https://voicesofeden.com/research.
Please pass this on to relevant healing music groups, individuals in the Los Angeles area.
For more details send an email to team@voicesofeden.com with healing music choir in the subject line.
Eliana Gilad, Founder
Voices of Eden – Ancient Healing Music Institute


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