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Here’s my response to fear…


Tomorrow I return to Jaffa Port, where Jonah entered the belly of the whale. Jonah’s story is a great lesson of having faith in the midst of great uncertainty and learning to internalize the lessons of faith, rather than expecting things outside yourself to take care of you, or make it better.


Two days after I arrived to Israel to prepare for our Feminine Wisdom Journey, my phone, credit cards, cash, US, and Israeli drivers licenses were stolen.

Needless to say, this threw me for a loop.  Knowing how to land on all fours in the midst of catastrophe, I did what I needed to do to take care of things…call the credit card companies, call caring friends for support and most importantly, take time to connect deep within to get my attitude straight.

When you feel like the rug has been pulled from under your feet,  connecting to a higher power can help you keep your sanity and move forward.  In my case, I had to keep moving forward to set up the tour.

During this same day, I heard that Donald Trump was elected president. I felt the earth collapse beneath my feet.  I was driving to one of the ancient sites where I planned to take the group to see the sacred tree hit by a missile during the 2006 war which blasted open a figure of Asherah, the Hebrew Goddess.

The tree was no longer there. IT had disappeared.

Is there no God, I wondered?

Whatever you believe, was the answer.


How do you respond to upset? Fear or Faith.

My dear friend reminded me: The universe will agree with whatever you believe, fear or faith…it’s your choice.

I’m choose faith. The solution is to connect to the deeper truth. To the opposite.

In Hebrew, the opposite of the word for FEAR, is FAITH or MOVEMENT FORWARD.

On Monday, local women from Galilee and the women on the Wisdom Journey will be gathering to affirm our faith of feminine good. We’ll have a Live Facebook Broadcast.

Just before my phone was lost/stolen…. we recorded this invite from Galilee, where the event will take place….

It’s a real testament of faith and power, to use that which shocks and rocks us to our very foundation, as a motivation for growth.

In these times, we have the great chance to connect within to the Source of our true power.

The shock of Trump being president and my phone and wallet being stolen is a great gift. Like Jonah in the whale, I’m learning to let go of counting on things outside of myself to make things better, and relying on a faith that wells up from deep within.

I invite you to join us on Monday and invite your friends.


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