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4 Practical Ways to Replenish Your Well & Earn Your Living, Living Your Dream…


Imagine feeling so excited to wake up in the morning, hopping out of bed to greet the day living your life of your dream.  Ah…it’s so great to be alive!

Is this true for you? Or does exhaustion and depletion more accurately describe your life these days?  And if so, why?

Excuses, doubt, fear…questions might be running in your head like….

“If only I had more time, was out of the everyday rat race, then I could live my dream”. But I don’t have enough time, money and others need me too much. Or perhaps you don’t  know what you truly want, and are just staying in the same old, same old, waiting for inspiration to hit.

My hairdresser, Avital Horev, lives her dream.

She worked in the rat race in the metropolitan city of Tel Aviv. As she approached fifty, she began pondering, “What’s next?”  She was afraid if she didn’t make a change soon, she’d end up missing out on what life had in store for her. She decided to take the risk and move out of the city to the pastoral green hills of Galilee.

What was it like to leave it all behind? Here’s what she had to say:

She  wanted to do whatever she wants, whenever she wants, without having to worry about money, time, other things. Listen to HER, it’ll make more of an impression:

I asked Avital what she might share with women whose sense of spirit and adventure are dulled, depressed and dampened by not knowing what their dream is…time is passing by quickly and they’re terrified it’ll run out before they figure it out.

“It’s NEVER too late to discover your dream!”

I got to live a mini dream of mine this morning,  returning to Avital to get my haircut in this inspirational, gorgeous place of a dream realized. In the video above, Avital shares steps she took to make her dream come true – without having financial, or any other kind of from family or spouse (she’s single).

If you’re feeling exhausted and tired of living the rat race life….there are 4 practical ways you can replenish your well and your energy  to take you towards reigniting your dream:

Simple Things to Replenish Your Well

  1. The minute you notice yourself feeling overwhelmed, take  a short break.
  2. Change your environment when you feel exhausted or overwhelmed. Walk around the block, go to the bathroom, change where you're sitting, if in the midst of work.
  3. Listen to a relaxing piece of music that will reconnect you to your center. You can download a Free Healing Music Meditation recorded at an ancient site in Israel here: http://voicesofeden.com
  4. Close your eyes and breathe. I know it sounds simple. Some of the best things are. You'll reconnect with yourself.

What keeps you exhausted instead of exhilarated?  What is your heart yearning for now?  Write a comment below – that would be a concrete and practical next step to move in the direction towards your dream!


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