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How to Be More Confident About Presenting in Public?

How do you react when you have to present in public?

Are you confident that your message will make the impact upon your audience as you’d truly like? Or does just the thought of standing in front of others, on stage or on a video conference send your stress levels to new heights?

Whether or not you feel comfortable, public presentation is frequently a part of business. The online trend of audio and video marketing and online delivery is only making this more prevalent. Good speakers are born with talent. Bull hooey. It’s just not true!

It’s true that some people take to public presentation like a fish to water, yet every person, no matter where they’re from, can easily increase their level of confidence when speaking in public.

From webinars to training lectures, to coaching sessions, good presentation and public speaking skills are essential to making an authentic impact in today’s business world. The cool thing is that who you are is what people REALLY want and need today. The good news is–with a few basic tips and tools, you can improve with practice.

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Connecting to Your Audience

Your presentation success is really determined by how well you connect with your audience. Most times, we are so worried about how the audience will respond, we become disconnected from the essence of the message we want to share.

So before you even begin to plan your outline, it can really help to answer the following three questions. They will help you connect to the heart of your message so you can connect with the hearts of your audience:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What are they expecting from your presentation?
  • What do they need to learn?
  • What attitudes or particular beliefs do they hold, (that you need to respect) so you won’t inadvertently step on toes thus shutting down hearts and ears?

When you take the time to connect with your audience from your heart, then you’ll most likely receive positive reinforcement back throughout your presentation. This will provide you with even more clarity and confidence that you are on the right path.

When your audience is satisfied, it doesn’t matter if your delivery wasn’t absolutely perfect. If the audience wanted “perfect,” you could just send them a PowerPoint presentation in the mail. The primary goal of giving a presentation is to share your unique gifts with others in a way that they receive value from it. Your humanity and imperfection is a perfect way to share that by example.

About Eliana

Eliana Gilad does work around clear and confident expression, but in a way no one has ever seen before. She is on a mission to eradicate the fear of public speaking so that enlightened entrepreneurs and professionals with a message can passionately share their gifts to joyfully make a difference in the world.

Eliana has broadcast for CBS, sung on the inner city trains of France for a year (where she eliminated her fear of public humiliation), moved to Israel to revive an ancient transformational music modality, then landed a TED talk without really trying.
Want to know how to transform cold sweat into courageous confidence so that you can inspire your audience to action with your authentically heartfelt presentation?

Eliana has developed a complimentary Clear and Confident Quick Start Action Guide available for immediate download click here.

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