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Called to contribute + right livelihood, but don’t know how?

Do you feel called to start a new project, business or career that’s centered around service and contribution, yet you don’t know exactly what it might look like or how you’d support yourself by doing this?

If you answered yes, you’re not alone. Many women are being called into service as our world shifts from the masculine – action oriented – “doing” world, into the feminine oriented world of “being”. This is a time of great change. Many midwives are necessary to support it. Yet every one of us, man and woman alike, were trained to “do”, and “act”. More and better is the way to succeed or move ahead in the world.

That approach doesn’t work anymore. It’s based in the masculine “doing” model.

You’ll get further, by slowing down and taking time out to connect inward. When you slow down, you have time to listen to yourself. Your inner voice Do Nothing... Enjoy Having it Allwill guide you if you dare listen.

In ancient times, the leaders would avail themselves of special applications of sound that would bypass their busy minds, allowing them to connect to their deeper well of wisdom.

From that place, they would gain the clarity, courage and confidence to move forward with new plans.

When you have a new idea, project, business, work…there are phases to work through. We hear of the overnight successes. Look deeper into those overnight successes, and you’ll find that there are years of investment behind them. You’ve lived your life up until now, and that makes you a wise woman. You have wisdom, gained from the lessons you’ve learned.

Now is the time to share those lessons. Allow yourself to take some time out to reflect upon what those lessons have been. How might they be of service to others?

As you read this article, I’m on a plane somewhere between North America and the European continent, headed for Amsterdam to board a birthday cruise through the Mediterranean. 59 years ago today, I entered into this world, after floating upon the uterine seas, through that narrow birth canal.

I’m taking time to rejuvenate and replenish my well on this cruise. Slowing down to be able to move more intently when I return. Doing less, to be able to give more. It’s a way for me to go to my own next level.

The birthing process is exhausting.

There are contractions. There’s the up and down roller coaster of waiting, mixed with excitement, mixed with a cocktail of emotions. After twenty plus years of teaching, I’m now sharing material in the Immersion that has been kept under wraps for thousands of years. I was guided for the longest time to keep it hidden. Now I must share it. I have no idea how this contribution will be received. For many years, I was terrified, I’d be hung on the cross.

Yet practicing these ancient feminine leadership and healing sound tools have helped me move through the wanting to know what it would look like, or how I’d support myself. Today, it’s amazing I have the honor to help others to discover that on their own. It is a testament to the prosperity of feminine power.

Zippori – Sepphoris – Feminine Power and Prosperity

Ancient structures of this Galilee site can help you access your clarity

Archaeologists are still at work in the “Lower Town” of Zippori, which was occupied from the second Century, and was a prosperous city where one sees a co-existence between Jewish, Hellenistic and Roman ways. This translates to Feminine Power having a strong influence. A long street, restored in Byzantine times, cuts through geometric blocks of houses and clearly shows the tracks of heavy carts which must have pulled innumerable times along the bustling colonnaded shops of the Roman market on both sides.

Mosaic of Woman, Archaeology in Israel

Many mosaics are on display in the villa of the Byzantine period, one of the most important is found in the “House of the Nile Festival”. The largest mosaic displays scenes related to the Nile. In the upper right corner the river is born from the mouth of a fable monster. A female goddess, Egypt, rests by the river. Animals, crops and people come to life, displaying the fertility of the water.

Down the road from this amazing mosaic is an ancient water system, with the most amazing acoustics you could ever imagine! This is where I recorded the Ancient Feminine Music Meditation and Guided Meditation for Stress Relief.

Singing in these sites, bringing students, clients and others to them as well – lead to a television producer hearing about the journeys. Wanting to experience the healing power of the feminine sound leadership, she brought a television crew to film us in the ancient site – and in the neonatal intensive care unit, where we were in the midst of developing a new project to help the moms therapeutically sing to their preemie sweethearts.

A conference organizer saw this short five minute film and contacted me to give two presentations at a national birthing and midwives conference. Go figure! At that conference I met other professionals which led to other projects. If I were to give you the steps – what to do…to find your right livelihood and to know how it will support you…it wouldn’t make sense.

The secret sauce is…it’s not the WHAT…it’s the HOW….

And the HOW is in the feminine power approach. Like birth…it’s messy. There’s no one right or wrong way to “do” it.

If you’d like to taste this feminine approach, then register for a free training – 3 Keys to Voicing Your Feminine Power, or learn with others… in the online Immersion...it would be one way to connect to it.

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