Eliana Gilad’s Mentorship Program

A training program for emerging feminine leaders

About the program:

1. Program period is 6 months of 15-16 hours a week, or 4 months of 30-40 hours per week.

2. Program purpose is to provide training in aspects of feminine leadership, authentic power and healing sound business, which are not being taught, practiced, in real time or conditions in the schools.
(see below a list of topics to be covered in the program).

3. In exchange for the training, apprentices assist with all aspects of production and business. Responsibilities may include photographing, recording, copying, creating videos as well as a variety of administrative tasks such as: web research, email, letters, PR packets, follow-ups, phones, data entry, etc relating to music presentation for conferences, women’s events, live and online events, Israel tour, as well as records and concerts production of Healing Music

4. Candidates need to be bright and reliable with music or music business related degree or experience. Knowledge of video and photo editing and music software is preferable.

5. Training program may lead to a full or part time employment with Voices of Eden. Employment referral service and networking privileges are granted to all graduates who achieve professional standards.

6. Six month mentorship and training period consist of unpaid 15-16 hours per week, although paid jobs may start as early as 3 months into the training program.

7. To apply please email your resume to: info@voicesofeden.com

List of Training subjects:

1. How to show up powerful and feminine in a work environment.

2. Marketing and promotion, presentation, professionalism, confidence, self- promotion and the importance of promotion in the feminine leadership and creative healing fields.

3. How to develop relationships and keep in touch with people, how to network and help some and be helped by others.

4. Witness the pitfalls and possible problems with working with people who are not yet leading with consciousness – organizers, sales personnel, suppliers, etc…

5. Learn how to balance life and work, how to prevent Carpal Tunnel syndrome, tendenitous, ulcers, etc and still be a successful feminine leaders, healing sound practitioner.

6. Verbal and communication skills and styles important to the healing music and presentation business.

7. Pre-production for recording and photo/video sessions.

8. Insight into production techniques to give products a professional look and sound. shortcuts and quick fixes which can save you when the deadline is near.

9. Get real world feedback from directors and producers on original material.

10. Witness the problem-solving when working on projects with producers, presenters, suppliers, managers, etc…

11. Meeting people in the music and presentation business and witnessing negotiations, production meeting, etc.

12. Healing sound industry, marketing, sales (online and worldwide retail).

13. Dealing with fans and audiences

14. What music to listen to next for your growth as a creative artist and feminine leadership professional.

Training subject depends on work flow and apprentice level.