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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can you call this music Transformational?

A. Based on the ancient approach to music, designed to accompany life-changing transitions during birth, death and milestones in life, so in modern times we are reviving this music to accompany change which is transformational.

Q. Where did this music approach originate?

A. Its roots are in the Galilee region of Ancient Israel

Q. It sounds like another form of new age music, packaged in a different way. If not, what’s unique?

A. Voices of Eden music is 100% natural, not processed or synthesized in any way. There are never sound effects added. The music is always recorded live “as is”. This way the power of the music is preserved.

Q. We™re planning a trip to the Holy Land for a family event. Can we arrange a special event with Voices of Eden music?

A. Yes, we provide tailor made Voices of Eden experiences, which are powerful and significant keynotes for special events of any kind. Eliana composes music especially inspired by the energy of the moment. The result is unique.

Q. What’s the connection between Authentic Leadership and this music?

A. Voices of Eden music taps into an ancient wisdom as used by authentic leaders of ancient times. This is revived and redefined today to empower Authentic Leadership for the modern world.

Q. What is Authentic Leadership?

A. Leadership for thousands of years has been influenced by masculine energy, controlled by cognitive action, from the mind. In 2012 there is a shift to feminine energy, intuitive power drawing on inner wisdom at the core of each of us, from the heart. The courage of self introspection is part of leadership, acceptance of the unsavory parts of life combined with trust and hope, as well as the willingness to be transformed and empowered through a crisis.

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