All About Eliana

When she was 8, Eliana received a gift of Hebrew music. The mesmerizing voice on the record transfixed her for hours upon end as she doodled in her journal and learned all the words sung in this ancient tongue, by heart.

Who Am I

Hi, I’m Eliana Gilad

In Israel at 13, a wise woman encouraged her to sing. Receiving her degree in Near Eastern studies and with 13 years singing to the ancient rhythms, Eliana planned a move to Israel. Her family disapproved. The night before her departure, suddenly her father died, thwarting her plans,  yet igniting her spiritual journey.

Voices of inner truth, inner doubt and criticism competed for her attention.

The turning point came during the 80’s recession when she got laid off from her 6-figure corporate job. Forced to take her next steps, but having no idea what they were, she chose to trust the voice inside which guided her to leave the US and apply the spiritual teachings learned through self-inquiry.

In France she broadcast voice-overs on CBS for the Olympic Games, then sang on the inner-city trains of Paris, her main “training” for developing this healing music modality.  Following that same inner voice guided her to initiate the first live healing music study in a 50/50% Israeli-Palestinian neonatal intensive care unit resulting in a three year funded research project which has become a benchmark in the field of voice healing and music therapy.

For the past 25 years Eliana has devoted her life to help heart centered change-makers to trust their inner guidance by sharing this healing, transformation and feminine leadership way of ancient Israel.

About Voice of Eden

Founder of Voices of Eden – Ancient Wisdom and Healing Music Institute, today Eliana leads online immersion trainings, live retreats and sacred wisdom journeys to help professional women awaken to their feminine power and authentic voice for maximum health, wealth and wisdom.

NY Times Bestselling author Marianne Williamson calls Gilad “…an ancient priestess, bestowing enchantment and alchemy through rhythm and sound. Eliana takes you to a very deep place and then lifts you to a beautiful high.”  Sharon Stone features her in the award winning documentary Femme.

Recently nominated for L.A. Mayor Garcetti’s Small Business Award for Innovation, Eliana has presented at the UN, TEDx, on-stage with Bobby McFerrin and with thought leaders, Marianne Williamson, Neale Donald Walsch, Michael Beckwith and many more. Her ground-breaking medical research project in a 50/50% Israeli-Palestinian hospital in wartime has been featured in the worldwide press from CBSBBC, to the Hindustan Times.

in demand

Endorsed By The Industry!

Voices of Eden is endorsed by physicians, scientists and thought leaders such as Gregg Braden, NY Times Best Selling Author, (The God Code, Fractal Time)Barbara Marx Hubbard and Dr. Masaru Emoto (Messages from Water) who researched Voices of Eden after the two presented together in Israel where she leads an annual ancient feminine wisdom tour.

Voices of Eden is endorsed by physicians, scientists and thought leaders such as Gregg Braden, NY Times Best Selling Author, (The God Code, Fractal Time), Barbara Marx Hubbard and Dr. Masaru Emoto (Messages from Water) who researched Voices of Eden after the two presented together in Israel where she leads an annual ancient feminine wisdom tour.

her music

Music that melts your Soul!

Gilad, who holds degrees and diplomas in Near Eastern Studies and Ethnic Near Eastern Music, has released 5 albums, written scholarly articles on the healing power of voice and rhythm.  She also developed a ground breaking relaxation music project for the worldwide dental industry and given two TEDx talks: Your Voice, Make It Heard (2012) and Trust Your Silent Voice (2017).

Her music is distributed by the all of the major market players, including,, and, among others. Spa market distribution in the US is handled through

Eliana narrated The Forgotten Jews, a PBS documentary broadcast in November 2005. In 1992, she broadcast the voice-overs for CBS television during the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville, France.

Eliana’s work has been featured in Drummer, Yoga Journal, Mothering, Music and Medicine Journal, Global Rhythm, and in the international press from the BBC to the Hindustan Times.

If you are ready to tap into your feminine power and trust your inner guidance, download an ancient healing music meditation medically proven to increase your focus, your calm and quiet your inner critic.