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14 Ways to Free Yourself from Inner Slavery

Updated on April 17, 2017

Two weeks ago today I wrote the post below. I had NO idea if I would be able to follow through. I made this decision on a lark. I thought it would be a great idea to try out, and I wanted to engage other people to join me in expressing THEIR authentic voices and to OVERCOME the fear of expressing themselves online, and in public.

Mazal tov!  I did it.

You can still join in. I’m giving prizes – a Full Healing Music Kit for whomever communicates most:

  • ~Respond to a video with your OWN video response (you can upload it from your phone). It can be 5 seconds, whatever – IMPERFECT = 2 points per response
  • ~Write a comment either below the facebook video or in the comments section of this blog = 1 point
  • ~React (heart, like) = .5 points
  • ~BONUS: If you record your OWN FB Live and refer to this challenge by name or link = 4 points! See below for a guide to Overcome the Fear of Facebook Live guide.

Whoever gets the most points will win the Healing Music Kit (value: $80).

Original Post – Now Includes ALL 14 Videos!!!

“In honor of Passover which represents freedom from inner slavery…this week gives voice to the wisdom of women all around the world. Authenticity is power.

Here’s what being birthed this week: The Wise Women’s Voice Movement.

Here’s how it works:

Beginning yesterday (one week before Passover), I decided to record a short Facebook Live video every day.  I’m inviting you to join me.

Every day you record a short FB live video in the group sharing what you’re freeing yourself for that day, or sharing wisdom, or sharing something that a wise woman said or did that inspired you.

This way we will build a repository of feminine power and leadership.

Here’s what I posted for my first video:

Here’s Day Two of the Challenge.  What’s the subject? The Passion Beyond Perfectionism.

I had NO idea what to expect. Yet such a lively discussion ensued…that it extended the entire 45 minutes of possible recording time. Take a peek here:

Day 3: How to Ask for Help and Receive It – Wise Women’s Voices

Day 4: Freeing Yourself From Inner Slavery Challenge.

Day 5: Freedom of a Healed Heart

Day 6: Pick the Fruits of your Labor and Help Others


Day 8: Wise Women’s Voices…Passover Seder

Day 9: How to Show Up when You Feel Like $&@#

Day 10: How Music Can Free You

Day 11: Allowing Your Vision to Manifest

Day 12: Cash & Prizes of Trusting Your Inner Voice

Day 13: The Freedom to Effortlessly Increase Your Income It’s NOT What You Think!

Day 14: The Biggest Value of Showing Up for Yourself

Day 15: Wise Women’s Voices Movement


Does recording a video or just thinking about Facebook Live give you the jitters?

I’ve got some support for you!

Here’s an easy video to show you how to record a facebook live:

Still Nervous and Jittery About Recording? Want to Overcome your Fear?

For those of you who are timid to make a Facebook live video – I have put together a healing little pdf with 5 Tips to Overcome Your Fear of Facebook Live, including a healing music meditation to help you center yourself and overcome the fear – so we can hear YOUR WISDOM!

Get Your 5 Tips to Overcome Your Fear of Facebook Live Here.

If Facebook Live is too much, then record a video and post it on the http://facebook.com/healingvoice page. Imperfect action is the wisdom of true humanity.

We can’t wait to hear your voice!

PRIZES: Whomever participates most – posting videos, sharing THEIR WISDOM – contributing to the conversation, will win a complete Healing Music Meditation- Relaxation Music Bundle Set (Value: $80). I’ll announce the winners at the end of Passover.

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