Are you connected to or disconnected from your Feminine Power?

You’re a professional women on the edge – outside of mainstream (even though you may work/live in it) in a critical midlife transition.  You want the second half of life to be the most meaningful...

You know inside that you’re meant to live and work in creative flow, express your authentic voice and fully share your gifts, so you fulfill your purpose for having been born. Yet what you feel inside vs how you behave and express yourself outside is like night and day.

Can you relate?

If so, your voice of feminine power may be cut-off or repressed. Get clear with this quick quiz.

Answer Yes or No to the following:

  1. You can’t be authentic at work. You behave in a certain way at work to fit in, succeed and earn your livelihood. It’s a masculine way. It’s very focused on money and achievement.
  1. You yearn to live and work in creative feminine flow but don’t know how you could support yourself. This keeps you in the same old daily grind.
  1. You like the idea of being around other women at the tipping point like you,  able to speak from your heart, particularly after years of feeling like the “lone ranger”.
  1. Despite being a spiritually minded, purpose driven professional whom others look to for support, inside you feel isolated, anxious and depressed.
  1. You give, give, give, but wonder, who is there to give to the giver? It’s exhausting and you feel depleted, even after your self-care attempts.
  1. You long for connection with your roots, yet everything you’ve tried leaves you with a sense of disconnect. Where is the authentic connection?
  1. You feel detached from authentic, safe support you need to be able to make a difference in the world, even though you’re socially well connected.
  1. You’re secretly at a breaking point (though no one would know it from the outside), KNOWING you need to make a change, KNOWING it will serve the highest good, but having no idea HOW that could happen and having no words to describe it.

If you answered “No” to all of these statements, Mazal tov! You’re connected to your Feminine Power.

Yet if you answered “Yes” to two or more of them, it’s probably because you haven’t yet discovered how to connect to the source of your Feminine Power and Authentic Voice that resides deep within you…

You’re NOT alone.

The thing is, most women, even the most successful, conscious, “walking their walk” type of leaders haven’t connected to it.

Why would they?

None of us have been taught to trust our inner voice.  For the last several millennia, we have all been devoted to living from our intellect. To live a life – where you both work and create in feminine flow requires that you reconnect to your Feminine Voice.

Every voice makes a difference. That includes YOURS!

What did YOU discover about your feminine voice in the quiz.  Come visit us at the Feminine Leadership Wisdom Community, and leave a comment. Or comment below.