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What are the TOP 9 reasons for living in feminine flow?

DSC00191I’m sitting with my cup of brew contemplating the things I absolutely LOVE about living in creative flow and voicing my feminine power… and I wonder if you can relate?

Voila…here’s my list:

  1. Being true to myself fills me with inner serenity.
  2. My work in the world is a reflection of my core values.
  3. Living from my True Self, in a way that others benefit as well is the essence of prosperity.
  4. Expressing my truth without people pleasing that strengthens my relationships.
  5. Journeying to ancient feminine power places that uplift and inspire me.
  6. Accomplishing SO MUCH MORE by DOING much less!
  7. SO grateful to live passionately and earning through right livelihood. What a blessing!
  8. Knowing WHAT my role is on earth and being able to share and create with others. JOY!
  9. Watching others transform deeply before my eyes is awesomely amazing!

How about you? 

I received a good question that I feel is worth addressing to everyone – one that I feel is very important and pertinent – so here goes! 

Question: Eliana, I’m overwhelmed and have super limited time between work and family commitments. You claim that learning to connect to my feminine power in the Immersion Training can help me accomplish more by doing less  –  why?  

Answer: Yes, i’ts true – the training will help you to accomplish more by doing less! Here’s why….


I work closely with everyone in the group – for example, we go over YOUR issues and make suggestions of how you can incorporate the healing sound and feminine leadership tools in your work, life, relationships….everything – in both the private Facebook group and on the live mentoring session.

Overwhelm is caused by the sense of disconnection and being alone – especially when we have a lot of responsibility.

You won’t be alone here. In the private Facebook group you’ll meet others who know what you’re going through. They know that vulnerability is a strength, NOT a weakness. You’ll receive a lot of support!  If you post a question, or a situation in the private Facebook group – we spend time exploring and everyone benefits. 

SECOND OF ALL: there are TWELVE Two and a Half Hour LIVE Weekly Classes run over a SIX-MONTH period – plus Year-Long support from us in the Facebook group. The twelve classes are divided into Three Phases,  Four Weeks each. This gives you ample time to work with the material and implement it – without being overwhelmed.
THIRD OF ALL Sessions are recorded – so that if you can’t physically be present – you can still listen at your leisure. A former Immersion client listened to the recordings during her commute to the office.

In addition to running a chain of day spas (she never had time for a massage) her father had just passed away and she was travelling coast-to-coast every week while clearing out the family home and moving her mother into an assisted care facility.

By listening to the recordings, she not only turned her two hour bumper to bumper commute into pampering self-care time, she arrived to her office relaxed and centered. Her employees appreciated this and offered to help her more. Accepting their help, she ended up gaining an additional two hours a week for personal time.

PLUS – you receive all my feminine power music meditations recorded in the ancient healing music sites of Israel, These are the exact meditations I’ve been using in my practice for years. They are what have connected my feminine power center (chakra) to the communication center – (throat chakra)…which has opened up the flow of good and my right livelihood.

Connect to the Source of your Feminine Power and watch what happens!

Your sense of worthiness and well-being will finally be attuned to the right place. Your happiness level will spiral W-A-A-Y North.

Your feeling of control will go through the roof. Your sense of clarity and determination will skyrocket. No more wasting your precious time worrying and overthinking everything to the “nth” degree.

You’ll be living and creating in feminine flow. Unimaginable good will be magnetized to you. Imagine what that would be like for you…

DOING LESS, BEING MORE of who you are!

Truly it’s a no-brainer (especially since I teach you how to use all these tools in the program).

In fact, Deborah has a very demanding “JOB” responsible for 900 special needs children a week!  The course has made a huge difference in her life – she now has the skills and help to connect to HER voice and as things come up to reconnect to her calm, on the spot, no matter what’s going on around her.

Here is what she had to say about the course in the below video.

So thank you – that’s a GREAT question and I hope this helps everyone understand what my intent is with the program and what I would like you to come away with.

**Just as a reminder: the course’s first module opens as soon as you register for the course – with live classes beginning this week of September 29th so if you’re  interested –registration is your next step.

I wouldn’t want you to miss out… knowing that I still have a few private session bonuses still available!

And it would be sad if you didn’t get the relief, the flow, the calm and the connection (plus all the other bonus gifts for living and working in feminine flow).

If you’re not sure if this program is right for you and you have questions, we have answers!  Simply email us right back and we’re happy to reply.

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