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If your life were a song, how would it sound?

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If your life were a song, what would it be? How would it sound? Symphony? Tragedy? Your voice within can sing it’s song. Your voice within will sing it’s song…if you’ll attune your ears within. Listen…it will guide you…Your inner voice will magnetize to you all the good you hope for…and more!

You are the song. Open your heart and sing within.  Eliana Gilad, Sept. 21, 2016

If your life were a song, what would it be? How would it sound?  Harmonious or dissonant?

Does your voice express what you truly mean to say, or is it a synthesized version of what you think others want to hear?

Our voice is the way we express ourselves in the world. It is a bridge from our inner self to our outer world.  Our voice not only expresses thoughts and ideas, but it also helps us set boundaries, and allows us to let others into our intimate world.

There’s nothing quite like being able to fully express what you truly mean, and to be seen and heard as you truly are. It’s the pinnacle of healthy relationships, fulfilling our most basic need to be understood.

Yet, how challenging it can be. 

When we’re not fully listening to our voice within, we lack the clarity to know what we truly need. Many times, even the most powerful of us, feel afraid to express our needs out loud.  If you hold a leadership position, it may be even more of a challenge, because you have to know how to keep the peace.

Women, find it even more of a challenge to be in harmony with their inner and outer voices, since we’ve had to adapt how we communicate to succeed within a man’s world.  We’ve been acculturated to be “liked” more than to be “in charge” where, if we express ourselves too directly, it is easily judged as being a “bitch”.

Avoiding this trap engages many. You might feel nervous before speaking your truth in public, or when you’re ready to expand to a new level of power, you can suddenly feel terrified of being rejected. Your voice gets shaky, your true essence remains trapped deep within.

The cost to our relationships can be great, especially when we place “others” needs before our own.

It seems “selfish” to listen to ourselves. If you lead groups – you might find that certain people try your patience and your level of confidence can sway. It’s easy to start singing the dissonant notes of your song. You do everything to show up with “them”. Like one of my clients, she’d work overtime to make sure that her most critical clients would be satisfied. Yet when it came to her own needs, she constantly returned home at the end of the day exhausted and depleted.

This wreaked havoc with her sense of self confidence and esteem.

The truth is…it requires courage to speak up for ourselves, especially when we have creative gifts to share that don’t neatly fit into the normative societal structures.  It can stir up conflict in others who would rather stay hidden in comfortable mediocrity than risk authentic expression.

The harmonious power of conflict.

Conflict is seen as a negative. It’s actually a missing link to harmony. Think about the music of a babbling brook. The babbling sound creates a sense of serenity and calm within. Yet it’s the friction of the flow meeting the stone barriers, which create that authentically harmonious sound.

Learn to listen to your authentic voice within. It will always take you to harmonious places…even if there are rapids to wade through on the way. If you follow through, you’ll find yourself on the shores of your personal promised land.

Power of Confidence

Your success in life is dependent upon your level of confidence.  When you lack it, your self esteem tumbles.  Even if you have lined up your ducks in a row, and could win an academy award for how well you act the role of Ms. Self Confidence and Self Sufficiency, other people sense it.  It’s humbling.

A feminine leader has the willingness to acknowledge her vulnerability, accept that it is power rather than weakness, and ask for help. It requires courage.


I enrolled in a marketing course to learn how to develop a sustainable business, incorporating live retreats as an integral part of the model.  My Voicing Your Feminine Power and Wisdom website is a result of that course.  Literally and figuratively putting my money where my mouth is (pun intended :-)…I recently asked Brandt Morgan, one of the instructors, for ideas to effectively market the Ancient Israel journey.

His response, reflecting true feminine power and wisdom, empowered and filled me with inspiration:

There are lots of things you can do externally to market your retreat, but as I’m sure you’re aware, there is also an INTERNAL component that’s almost as important, especially when you have all your ducks lined up as well as you do. Part of that element is the core confidence you have in yourself and your gift, and part of it is as intangible as the wind.

Strange as it may seem, as I read your question, I had a vision of you doing what you do best: voicing your feminine power. Singing with your drum. Calling in the people who are meant to work and travel with you. Sending out an invitation from your heart to theirs.  You’ve put together a beautiful package, Eliana; now believe in it.

Relax, believe in YOU, and send out your song!

Motivated by my morning meditation, I went to the local park to do my morning writing. Lo and behold, the above song was birthed, and the composition here recorded…

Calling in the Prophetesses

This wordless music meditation is intended as an invitation to feminine leaders ready to move to their next level. If you feel a calling from within, for which you have no words, yet “you know you know”, then this Immersion may well be for you. I’m leading a free training tomorrow: 3 Keys to Voicing Your Feminine Power to get you started. I hope you’ll join me.

I’m sharing my authentic voice…showing up to be counted… ready to share my power and wisdom with others.

Looking forward to hear from you. Keynote - Globe Sound Healing

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