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Feminine Power in Ancient Israel – Inspiration and Empowerment

It’s amazing to be back in Israel. Though I have lived for the last two years in Los Angeles, it feels like I  never having left. Time and space seem to have collapsed.  I was planning to move back into my home and healing music center in Galilee, following the live journey.  Have you noticed that life sometimes has different plans for you, than you could ever imagine?

My renter (from heaven :-)….asked to stay another year, and my inner voice responded Yes.  It was a strange feeling to sit in my home, as a guest, surrendering the need to know what will be next.  Tomorrow has not yet come, yesterday is done. The present moment, is a gift. So many blessings abound. All we need to do is look for them. They will appear before our very eyes.

When we came out from the belly of the earth – at Tel Megiddo, the guard locking the gate just behind us, gave way to one of the participants to exclaim this wisdom:  “You can look back, but you can never GO BACK.”

Here’s how she explains it:

Working in the women in the ancient sites was a potent affirmation of the power of trusting in the invisible, in the present moment. While the feminine power of antiquity magnetized us to these spots, it was showing up and flowing with the present moment that brought the gifts of connection, courage and confidence to be who we authentically are within ourselves and with others.

As Twinfeathers explained her experience: “The power packed weaving of energies and experiences, through a focused lens of connection courage and confidence, allowed me to progressively to open to the new in me.”

Working with bells, which in ancient times, were used to dissipate negative energy, allowed for participants to practice the empowering exercise of focusing within to the center of their feminine power, as well as to enjoy creating a healing music meditation for others (like YOU :-)…to enjoy…

Following your inner voice, when you don’t understand what it means, can be unnerving and downright anxiety provoking. How do you know which voice to trust? Susan Bailey shares her experience of trusting her inner voice which guided her to journey to Israel, through she had NO idea why…

Have you ever had the experience of giving birth to another side of yourself that you “knew” existed inside deep within (though you had no name or word for it?)….Watch as Janis Gildin gives birth to her feminine voice, in service to giving birth to the feminine leadership which guided and united Ancient Israel and Egypt. You will see her at the Hathor temple in Timna, worlds oldest copper mine.


Imagine 11 days living in harmony with a group of people you never met before…it was an empowering experience. We made a collective album for all of us to upload photos. You can see them here.

What are your blessings today? Can’t find em? If you want to empower yourself, start looking for them now. Write one below – it will attract more into your life. Please, let us inspire you to acknowledge and share your good.

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