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Open or close your event with a soothing and motivational keynote that takes people beyond words and sends them home more relaxed, inspired and empowered than they were prior to entering the meeting.

Sharing her background as a Prime Time television broadcast, TEDx Presenter, train singer, composer and pioneer researcher, Eliana Gilad’s Keynote Music Presentations are multi-faceted. She weaves wisdom, ancient discovery, modern research and live demonstration through music that she composes on the spot incorporating the ancient instruments, creating a magical experience that transports attendees to a place of inner calm effecting constructive change.

Eliana also teaches one-hour and half-day life-skills workshops in conjunction with her Keynote Music Presentations. Attendees have earned CEUs for her workshops and keynotes in the fields of:

  • Leadership
  • Wellness
  • Health Care
  • Mindset Shift
  • Presentation Skills
  • Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking


What is a Sample Keynote Music Presentation?

“My conference and convention programs are called Keynote Music Presentations because they include the inspiration and uplifting dynamics that you would expect from a keynote talk, though delivered in a sublime musical, multimedia form. While other speakers might recount a personal experience to make a point, I make my point by offering a live direct experience of it. It will literally take you beyond words!”
-Eliana Gilad, Voices of Eden

Vocal Mastery: Master Your Voice, Master Your Success

The success of an organization depends upon the individuals who work there. People bring their anxieties to work and their work stress back home: their voice reflects it sabotaging success in both places. Mastering the ability to trust and express your authentic voice in any situation:
• Improves focus
• Improves productivity
• Decreases absenteeism
• Revitalizes the workplace through authentic leadership

Eliana Gilad broadcast prime time voice overs to 60 million television viewers during the Olympic Games, developed a simple focusing tool for overcoming fear of public speaking and revived an ancient method of using voice and music as transformation and leadership tools, clinically proven to reduce stress and anxiety.

This healing music approach acclaimed in prestigious medical journals, worldwide print media and TV was first developed while Gilad sang on the inner city trains of France and released her fear of public presentation.

People hire Eliana for her authentic voice. They pay her to help them trust their own and appreciate her most when they have expressed themselves with confidence and ease.

The wordless vocal music that Gilad composes live on the spot and the simple non threatening provides profound immediate results in others who joyfully participate.

“Music and Archaeology” Conference – 2012, Beijing, China


Sites of Ancient Israel with Live Music Experience

Eliana Gilad LIVE: As an opening keynote:

  • Starts the meeting off on the right foot, with focus and concentration
  • Rhythm increases concentration, vocals release stress, increasing retention
  • Sets the tone for focus, for listening, and achieving more by doing less

Eliana Gilad LIVE: As a closing keynote:

  • Anchors the material that participants have learned.
  • Empowers participants’ to apply what they’ve learned as they’ve already experienced the direct benefits.
  • Back to the organization, co-workers see the QUALITY, by EXPERIENCING the shift in those who attended.

In Service Workshop – Experiential Training: Health Care Professionals – Beijing China, 2011

What is at the root of Eliana Gilad’s message:

I believe that each one of us has a special contribution to make in life. When we listen inside ourselves to gain wisdom, what we share will be of value. When people go to a meeting, it’s a chance for people meet, listen and express their unique voice. Sometimes slow can be the fastest route, and less is more. I am here to create a safe environment so that each voice can be heard and appreciated. Every voice truly makes a difference.”
-Eliana Gilad, Voices of Eden

What others have to say:


 ”Ultimately I selected you because I believe in your ability to communicate the richness and of your subject to an interdisciplinary audience, and I find that your idea strikes at the heart of TED’s mission: you’ve got an idea worth spreading.”Kat Haber, Organizer, TEDxVail Women
“This is one of the most important presentations we have experienced here… so important for the UN and others around the world. Thank you and every member of Voices of Eden for making such a big difference. “ L. Arellano, SEAT President, UN SRC
Thank you for your presentation at the International Summit for Music Therapy in the NICU at the Louis Armstrong Center for Music and Medicine, Beth Israel Medical Center.  Looking forward to develop our collaboration.”Dr. Joanne Loewy, Conference Organizer, Co-Editor-in-Chief, “Music and Medicine” SAGE Publications
Eliana brought her incredible voice, wisdom and talent to our Center and opened and touched our hearts: People were not only impressed with her presentations & teaching, but how it enabled them to think “larger” and to “live more peace” in their own lives.She told her personal “story” of living in peace through war – people were moved, humbled and inspired.She also shared the sounds of the ancients – which was wonderful for our meditations. These musical tones takes one back to a time of remembrance of Unity and wholeness.We were very moved by her courage, intention and passion for her vision and for her expression of the sacredness of life. She is, indeed, in touch with her higher Self and allows the love of that Self to shine through all she does.I certainly recommend Eliana to anyone.”Dr. Arlene Bump, Director, Center for Spiritual Living Fort Lauderdale .

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