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Feminine Voice: What Exactly is it?

by Eliana GIlad on May 20, 2015

“Feminine Voice: What Exactly is it?” I keep getting asked this question as I engage in conversations with people interested in attending the upcoming Ancient Healing Sound Therapy small group intensive retreat in Santa Barbara.  On the flier, the subtitle states: “Uncover, Discover and Recover the Power of Your Feminine Voice.”   I did not write […]


Quiet in the Eye of the Storm Relaunch

by Eliana GIlad on December 6, 2014

In honor of the holidays with the stress it brings…I’ve relaunched Quiet in the Eye of the Storm, which I wrote during the 2006 war between Hezbollah in Lebanon and Northern Israel. If the five simple tools of healing music could keep me calm inside as bombs exploded outside, they can DEFINITELY keep you calm. […]


Multicolored musical ecological Purim Parade clip

March 16, 2014

Enjoy this jubilant, multicolored parade produced by students learning to cooperate and work as a team’ exemplifying feminine leadership at it’s best. What inspires you the most?

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Transform suffering into extraordinary success: Free Event & New Video

March 12, 2014

Feminine leadership creates triumph over tragedy! We’re having a special hangout – and you’re invited. March 17 is Purim, the ancient Hebrew holiday which celebrates feminine leadership. At it’s helm, Queen Esther raised by her uncle who was taken against her will as a young virgin to Persian King Ahasuerus’s harem and repeatedly raped. Throughout […]

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New Well of Wisdom Starter Kit for You

March 7, 2014

Voices of Eden presents a new Well of Wisdom Starter Kit, created by yours truly, ancient healing and transformation music composer and mentor, Eliana Gilad. Designed for change-makers, this Well of Wisdom mini- retreat offers soothing tools and an ancient healing music meditation to help replenish, reconnect from disconnect and recenter when you’re feeling off-balance.  […]

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Trust your intuition? This will help…

February 12, 2014

Do you trust your intuition? This week’s episode of Wisdom Wednesdays is all about Intuition… how to develop it… how to trust it… Your wisdom will guide you to good if you listen to it. What does your intuition tell you?   When did you most trust your intuition? Where did it lead you?

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Ancient wisdom shows you how to achieve more by doing less…

January 27, 2014

How are you coming along working towards your new years resolutions? Perhaps they’re still sitting on the back burner? If so when do you plan to get around to doing them? At the start of the year, people make resolutions filled with energy to work towards their goals, yet stop shortly after the first few […]

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Sacred music from Ancient Israel to soothe your holiday stress

December 18, 2013

You know it what amazes me watching the holiday shopping frenzy from over here in the Holyland? I’ll share it with you in a minute. But first, I want to know…. what ever happened to kindness, gentleness, acceptance and generosity as the big gifts instead of the tablet, gadget or latest “whatever”, you think will […]

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Help Reignite the Ancient Feminine Voice of Israel – Live Broadcast Nov. 15 at 10 ET

November 14, 2013

Tomorrow November 15, at 10am ET come bring your voice, your frame drum percussion instruments and great energy and together we’ll revive this ancient music tradition and reveal Miriam’s Secret. . We will meet to create a simple piece of music – wordless vocals, frame drums, bells. The event will be broadcast live on Google […]

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Ask me a question LIVE – I’m Hanging Out on Google Hangouts

November 5, 2013

In another thirty minutes – that means 1pm ET, I’ll be answering questions LIVE on Google Hangouts. This is the event page link: Here’s the intro video. I hope you’ll join us. It’s my first LIVE GOOGLE HANGOUT. We’ll learn together….

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