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"Making empowered decisions is key to an empowered life." Thais The yearly transformation has occurred. 2015 is past. 2016 on the rise.  At this time of year, it's time to retreat and reconnect to the source of our feminine power to gain clarity for our path forward. We start to make new choices and begin to behave [...]


Shakespeare said: "We know what we are, but not what we may be." Does this describe you? Do you concentrate on your limitations, your failures, your blundering way of doing things, seldom stopping to think of what you might be? Recently, some setbacks at work triggered disappointment. My ego - chomped at the bit to [...]

Yesterday, I spent a large portion of my day on the freeway, driving from one appointment to the next. After the first one way done, I started to rush off to the next. Fortunately, from the time I opened the car door got in and fastened my seat belt, I noticed the first signs of [...]

It's New Years, and usually we're filled with happy resolutions - expecting them to effortlessly unfold during the year. As frequently happens though, after a few weeks, those resolutions fizzle out...Why? Instead of playing Pollyanna, I'd like to offer you some real life alternatives that can help you have a happy new year, no matter what happens to [...]

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a presentation by Deepak Chopra regarding the power of our consciousness to affect our DNA. According to Chopra, you're not simply the sum total of the genes you were born with, you're the user and controller of your genes. This correlates so closely with how [...]

When was the last time you wondered: What am I supposed to do? Are you inadvertently enslaving yourself through over-thinking everything you do, and repeatedly questioning yourself? Perhaps you're looking to others for answers instead of listening deeply for your own inner truth? Do you dream of experiencing the depths  of being alive on this [...]

icon alone

Do you trust your intuition? This blog post is all about Intuition... 1) How to develop it... 2) How to trust it...   3) Resources to help you get past the blocks that prevent you from trusting and acting up it. What does your intuition tell you?   The second and fifth chakra are connected. When [...]

In the wake of another bout of terror, how will you respond? Put your head in the sand, complain about the tragic state of the world? Or own your power and responsibilty and practice focusing upon GOOD...upon compassion. This is NOT a Pollyanna response. What we focus upon multiplies. As we gather together in compassion [...]

Music Meditation for Sleep

Yawn...I'm falling asleep. It's 2:33 in the afternoon as I write. My eyes are droopy. Inside, my tummy feels like a big snuggly blanket. Is something wrong? Perhaps I'm coming down with something, getting sick? Far from it. I feel really good inside. In fact, I'm practicing courage, by allowing my inner ease to grow [...]

Marianne Williamson

Last weekend I presented with Marianne Williamson over a three day period during her Aprhrodite Training. I wrote to follow up upon the weekend and to check upon the next date she would like for me to come back to present with her at the Saban Theatre (her regular Monday night Livestream event, filmed live [...]