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I've been speaking a lot with women who don't know their dreams, their joy is gone. They don't know what's next and are afraid that time will run out before they figure it out. What if fear were preventing your passions, your dreams to be clear for you? I was trying to find my passion, [...]

All of us have dark and light sides to our personalities. In ancient times, these were expressed culturally through the worship of goddesses with dual natures. In the Middle East, the goddess Anat was known as the Storm God. Look at any major archaeological excavation in the region, and you’ll find her presence there in [...]

I had the delight of being interviewed earlier this week by Filippo Voltaggio, founder of Life Changes Show and Radio Network. It was a great show, and a pleasure to compose a new live piece of music on the spot, during the broadcast. The focus of the composition is: Joy, Peace, Balance. Listen in here: [...]

Yesterday I was speaking to a mentor colleague. who was lamenting over the fact that so many of her clients are preoccupied with the current state of world affairs, particularly, those in the US. She asked me: "Do you have a blog?  If so, you should write a post about this. If you've lived in peace during [...]

Wise Feminine Leaders Movement

August 31st, 8am PT,  marks 60 years since I arrived to this world. 60 is an important year, marking the birth of WISDOM. What I most want as a birthday gift is for you to join me to celebrate WISDOM and help our voices of good to be heard. I’m celebrating with the release of MIriam’s Secret – [...]

Are you confident that your message will make the impact upon your audience as you'd truly like? Or does just the thought of standing in front of others, on stage or on a video conference send your stress levels to new heights? Whether or not you feel comfortable, public presentation is frequently a part of [...]

Updated on April 17, 2017 Two weeks ago today I wrote the post below. I had NO idea if I would be able to follow through. I made this decision on a lark. I thought it would be a great idea to try out, and I wanted to engage other people to join me in [...]

If you've ever been afraid to put yourself out there for fear of being smacked down by others who don't understand you...This video below will show you first hand, how to show up for yourself and remain connected. This is one of the most raw videos I have ever recorded. I'm really not sure how [...]

So many people feel they have to turn away from their inner voice. They think they have to play a role to get along in business and in life. Deep inside, they don’t believe that being themselves is enough to get what they want. Yet ironically, how you attune your voice makes the difference of [...]

Wishing you and your family the B E S T holiday season EVER! To support you in your health, wealth and happiness, I made this video for you..five minutes of sacred bells, and a stunning sunset over the ancient olive orchards of Galilee, which I stumbled upon yesterday. The beauty took my breath away. I [...]