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When was the last time you wondered: What am I supposed to do? Are you inadvertently enslaving yourself through over-thinking everything you do, and repeatedly questioning yourself? Perhaps you're looking to others for answers instead of listening deeply for your own inner truth? Do you dream of experiencing the depths  of being alive on this [...]

icon alone

Do you trust your intuition? This blog post is all about Intuition... 1) How to develop it... 2) How to trust it...   3) Resources to help you get past the blocks that prevent you from trusting and acting up it. What does your intuition tell you?   The second and fifth chakra are connected. When [...]

In the wake of another bout of terror, how will you respond? Put your head in the sand, complain about the tragic state of the world? Or own your power and responsibilty and practice focusing upon GOOD...upon compassion. This is NOT a Pollyanna response. What we focus upon multiplies. As we gather together in compassion [...]

Music Meditation for Sleep

Yawn...I'm falling asleep. It's 2:33 in the afternoon as I write. My eyes are droopy. Inside, my tummy feels like a big snuggly blanket. Is something wrong? Perhaps I'm coming down with something, getting sick? Far from it. I feel really good inside. In fact, I'm practicing courage, by allowing my inner ease to grow [...]

Marianne Williamson

Last weekend I presented with Marianne Williamson over a three day period during her Aprhrodite Training. I wrote to follow up upon the weekend and to check upon the next date she would like for me to come back to present with her at the Saban Theatre (her regular Monday night Livestream event, filmed live [...]

cat and dogs

Creativity is everywhere and you can easily tap into it by balancing your divine feminine and masculine energies. When we disconnected and moved from an acoustic world to a visual one - somewhere around the change of the enlightenment and the industrial revolution, we lost sight (pun intended :-)...of our innate ability to create - [...]

Confident people are admired by others and inspire confidence in others. Leaders face their fears head-on and tend to be risk takers. They know that no matter what obstacles arise, they have the wherewithal to go around them. People with high self esteem see themselves in a positive light, even when the &%$ hit the fan. [...]

We don't need to do anything to feel safe with who we are, right here, right now. We are good enough. So why don't we feel that way always? All that's required is our need to agree with this belief...to love ourselves to say YES to our natural desires. Easy to say. We all know these truths. Yet if we know [...]

I just returned from three weeks in Israel. It was a powerful visit. It had been more than a year since I had been in my home and healing music center. I returned to rent it out for another year and to prepare for the Well of Wisdom tour this coming December. Historical heat only [...]

Eliana Gilad's Mentorship Program A training program for emerging feminine leaders About the program: 1. Program period is 6 months of 15-16 hours a week, or 4 months of 30-40 hours per week. 2. Program purpose is to provide training in aspects of feminine leadership, authentic power and healing sound business, which are not being [...]