Israeli archaeologists uncovered a ritual temple replete with cultic objects connected to the sacred worship of the Divine feminine natural worldview. The temple dates back 2750 years old, and was found less than five miles from the temple in Jerusalem.

The  timing couldn’t be better. Not only did the world NOT end in dire conditions as was predicted by many of the traditional masculine world view, a wider perspective has been born!

Now the Antiquities Authority is indicating that there was another temple, whose discovery in Motza of all places, near Jerusalem, raises further questions about the status of the central Temple. “We’re talking about a settlement in the very heart of the Kingdom of Judea within walking distance of the Temple, and we’re finding vestiges of a temple and an altar and sacred vessels,” an Antiquities Authority official said. “That’s very surprising, and we have nothing to compare it with.”

A few weeks earlier, the same team, discovered a nine thousand year old object – of a ram – known in ancient times as the symbol of feminine power.

What if  images were used to focus people on the Divine aspect contained WITHIN. With a feminine worldview, many layers of reality exist at the same time. Jerusalem “officialdom” was promoting a “masculine” worldview – intellectual in nature. It is human nature that when we move forward with some new idea, we tend to reject the old. What if the “old” way, were just another way to view the ONE Divine power which creates ALL?! I do not see any contradiction. If there is ONE Divine power, how can anything be separate from it?!?!?!?!?!?

What does the finding of this temple now symbolise to you?

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Here is the television interview with Channel TV8 in Vail, Colorado. At the end, I compose a short piece for curing holiday stress from the never ending “To Do” list:

How can you give yourself a short break today?


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