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It's two days passed the time I usually write and send out my newsletter.  This caused me to feel ill at ease.  My clients will think I'm irresponsible...or that I'm stingy and don't want to share with them.  The funny thing is...there is SO much I have to share. I'm REALLY excited by it. Yet when [...]

Passover is an ancient Hebrew holiday, celebrated over a seven day period, that honors the Hebrew's freedom from slavery. Matzo, or unleavened bread is eaten to commemorate the speed with which the slaves left - there was no time to allow for the dough to rise. A ceremonial feast is had on the first evening -  reclining [...]

JR In Nature

I cannot tell you how many people I have been in contact with this week who are in transition and going through a difficult time. Like the ancient Chinese said: "May we live in "interesting" times. These definitely ARE interesting times. Though these women, all powerful people, are dealing with different kinds of transitions - [...]


Today is the holiday Purim. Happy Purim - Purim Sameach! What is Purim? Why is it celebrated? There used to be a For thousands of years there used to be mystery schools which would initiate leaders into the embodiment of feminine wisdom.Eventually these lineages went uncover and fell into the depth of darkness, seemingly disappearing [...]

Here in the fourth week of campaign with 9 days still to go to World Water Day,  your support has already ensured clean water access to over 170,000 people. Thank you for being part of this incredible wave of love for humanity and water! At the beginning of this week, Spryte and Jane headed off to the [...]

2500 year old seal

Surrendering to feminine power is wise.  What is feminine power anyway? Does it refer to high heels and sexy clothes? Does it refer to angry feminist protests of how the patriarchal system has done women wrong? I'm not referring to either of those when I refer to feminine power. What I mean by feminine power is that which is [...]

Last week, on the way to the Ancient Feminine Wisdom and Healing Voice retreat in Santa Barbara, we stopped at the beach on the way to the retreat center. It was a time for reflection, a time for grounding and re-centering and a time for attuning to the upcoming weekend program. When you're moving into [...]

Do Nothing... Enjoy Having it All

You are enough! You're wonderful...just as you are... That's it. Cat's out of the bag. No more secrets. No more hiding. Truth is...you're wonderful. Warts and all. So why is it so difficult to accept what is so obviously true? Why do we keep hiding from ourselves? It's just as hard to stay in obscurity [...]

When you tune into feminine power,  you tune into the source of your healing and self nurturing. The ancients had knowledge of this. They used sound to ease pain and to alter consciousness. They even knew how to use sound to move physical particles. Scientific research now shows how sound was used in the planning [...]

"Making empowered decisions is key to an empowered life." Thais The yearly transformation has occurred. 2015 is past. 2016 on the rise.  At this time of year, it's time to retreat and reconnect to the source of our feminine power to gain clarity for our path forward. We start to make new choices and begin to behave [...]