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ARE YOU SECRETLY ANXIOUS, TERRIFIED OF GOING INTO FREE FALL? Terrified of getting to the end of your life without having discovered your authentic voice or true calling?

If you have a passion for ancient wisdom, modern science has actually proven that the key to connecting to deeper states of conscious awareness and crystal clarity lies in connecting to the Source of your authentic power, which lies beyond your cognitive mind. Professional achievement, financial success, health, or enlightenment comes from connection to an inner Source of power, the anchor for Authentic Leadership…Modern scientists call it Quantum Physics.The Ancient mystics referred to this as Attunement.You connect to your inner Source of power when you go to sleep at night.But how can you stay connected to your power during your waking hours, especially when feel on a hamster wheel or knocked off center? Do you listen to and allow your inner voice to guide you?When did you last STOP for a moment of SILENCE, tune in to your inner voice “ trust it and follow the magnetic force of what it is saying? Even the most courageous LEADERS experience doubt and uncertainty in TIMES OF CHANGE.

3000 Years Ago Leaders Knew How. A Former Spiritual Yuppie discovered their key Still Works Today.

Eliana Gilad began her journey as a mainframe computer saleswoman and corporate trainer in Los Angeles, then as Manager of Language Services for the LA Olympic Committee, innovative and successful Franchise Consultant for Domino’s Pizza and voice-over broadcaster for CBS at the 1992 Olympic Games in France.

Alongside her daytime corporate career, Eliana surrendered her body to passionate ethnic song and movement bringing her to an altered state of mind which improved her balance, focus and inner sense of calm. This deepened her thirst for personal growth and authentic leadership development, based on spiritual truth. Greatly inspired by her friendship with Lester Levensen, founder of the Sedona Method Release Technique, she learned to listen to her inner voice for guidance.

The economic recession of the late 1980?s plus weekly meetings with colleagues such as thought leaders Jack Canfield, Susan Jeffers and Barbara d’Angelis, fellow members in a mastermind group at the beginning of their careers, gave Eliana courage to dive off of the proverbial cliff, into the deep murky waters of the unknown.

What kind of authentic leader would you be if you had the answers to these questions?

  • What is my purpose for living?
  • How can I truly hear my inner voice?
  • How do I know if what I hear from inside is authentic?
  • Can I trust my inner voice, not only to survive but thrive, and make a difference in the world?

Slowing down to ponder these questions anchored Eliana through her storms of change. Though successfully manifesting goals through the power of releasing, she was still terrified of getting to the end of her life without having discovered her calling, her true purpose for living.

This scared her more than the fear of jumping into the unknown. Magnetized by her passion for ancient wisdom cultures and ethnic music, particularly of the Mediterranean Middle East and Asia, she left the US for France and in 1994 moved to Israel. Extensive advanced academic and practical studies of music, percussion and culture spanning three continents provided the baseline for what would become Voices of Eden music.

Eliana Gilad founded the Voices of Eden Method, pioneering the field of Ancient Healing and Transformational Music. She has dedicated her life to revive the forgotten feminine vibrational healing and transformational music traditions of pre-biblical Ancient Israel, powerful tools for times of change. Even the most courageous leaders experience doubt and insecurity in times of change. True leaders embrace their insecurity and transform it into authentic power to be used for the highest good.

In pre-biblical times, leaders consciously attuned themselves to the atomic and alchemical healing and transformational properties of sound. 3000 years ago music was the hi-tech science of the day, and, like magicians, ancient leaders could summon the entire power of the cosmos through attuning to its secret core, which lies beyond the rational mind. This feminine power flows from the inside out, whereas the masculine power, dominant in our world for the last 2000 years, flows from the outside in.

The modern science of acoustic archaeology is proving what the ancients knew by attuning themselves to the feminine power of intuitive wisdom. Remaining monuments like Britain’s Stonehenge bear witness to this source of scientific and spiritual wisdom… truly amazing gifts of the universe, forgotten over the last 3000 years. Until now.

Today this feminine power is ours again for the taking, if we will only stop long enough to receive it. This power is the essence of Voices of Eden which naturally empowers Authentic Leadership. Eliana developed this healing music modality of wordless vocals and ancient rhythm as stress relief and focusing tools.

She experimented with different applications for her unique music, beginning with singing to busy executive commuters on the trains of Paris to helping those with sleep disorders, chronic anxiety, ADHD, high blood pressure and relaxing premature babies in an intensive care unit . She discovered that the use of wordless vocals bypasses the intellect, allowing for connection to deeper states of conscious awareness.

The use of specific eastern rhythms played on ancient percussion promotes physical grounding, and the two together balance polarities. Ancient musicians had top social status because Leaders recognized the transformational qualities of consciously applied sound. Today Voices of Eden Healing & Transformational Music provides the calm and focus to access and trust the inner Source of Power for Authentic Leadership, at work, at home, at play. It is 100% natural, not synthesized or processed in any way at all.

Modern Scientific Research Supports Ancient Wisdom

Voices of Eden Ancient Healing & Transformational Music, comprising five simple elements, has been clinically researched and proven to calm by lowering blood pressure, relieving stress, improving focus and helping people sleep better.

The Elements Associated with Benefit It Provides
1) Silence and Focus Calming the Mind Comfort and confidence
2) Long Single Note Breathing More Easily Safety and relaxation
3) Heart Beat Grounding Effect Balance
4) Rhythm Sustainability Follow Through
5) Melody Experiencing Joy Harmony with Self and Others


USING THESE forgotten feminine VIBRATIONAL HEALING and TRANSFORMATIONAL MUSIC TECHNIQUES, YOU WILL TRANSFORM YOURÂ INSECURITYÂ into AUTHENTIC POWER to be used for the highest good. These are key factors for empowering AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP. By 2000 groups started to attend workshops at the Voices of Eden Center in Galilee.

In 2004 Eliana began a blog to share their extraordinary experiences. Leaders in the scientific, spiritual and health fields began to take note, and Eliana was invited several times to present before the United Nations, and as a consultant to leading health spas around the world, such as in Beijing, China where the CEO was particularly interested in the connection between the Ancient Chinese and Ancient Israeli music traditions as healing modalities.

Eliana also established a tradition of taking an inner circle of trainees and sacred tour groups to the ancient sites in the Holy Land, where, inspired by the ancient energies, she performs especially composed music which immerses listeners in a sonic field of indescribable vibrations. Beyond intellect, this music must be experienced for its full potential.

The source of the music is energetic improvisation, uniquely created for the moment, for the greatest good. Today Eliana dedicates her life to composing, performing and presenting this extraordinary live sonic experience around the world, at the ancient sites in the heart of Galilee and throughout the Holy Land, and to online communities, focusing on supporting and empowering personal transformation to rediscover your personal Eden, your Sanctuary for Authentic Leadership.

Voices of Eden Feminine Leadership is re-awakening sacred ancient wisdom in today’s busy and disconnected world.

Why is this important? Let’s face it: the “old world” has left the building Everything is falling apart. You’re a sensitive and conscious leader, honestly wanting to make a difference in the world. You know there is so much more to life! You’re trying your best, but it isn’t working. You find yourself working harder, doing more in less time, and your only rest is when your head hits the pillow at night.

You know it’s not supposed to be like this. You’re right. Only if you keep responding with the “old world” focus on achievement and competitiveness, you’re going to be finding yourself drowning in a deeper and deeper morass. Today requires a “new world”response. Funnily enough, it’s been hiding under the rocks of ancient Galilee for thousands and thousands of years. This power doesn’t advertise itself.

It has no need for ratings. It knows its power. It waits in soft, silent calm, until we are ready and willing to discover it anew. What do you have to do to discover it? The Good News is

N – O – T -H – I -N – G.

Absolutely nothing. Imagine doing less, yet achieving more. Imagine as a result having at least two more hours a week for healthy pampering self reflection. What if you could activate your body’s natural healing capacity, all by doing nothing?! Mind boggling? Perhaps. Effective? Don’t believe me. That’s not worth anything. Experience it and test it yourself. It’s so simple. All your answers are already right inside you. Just listen and trust.

Bottom line, people who listen to or actively practice the simple elements of Voices of Eden Ancient Healing and Transformational Music find it easier to find deeper meaning in the everyday moments, overcome their overwhelm, deepen their calm, and transform their entire life to empower Authentic Leadership. The elements are proven to keep you calm, even at times of strife.

Thought Leaders Take Note

Eliana called her discovery “Voices of Eden”, inspired by an experiment to recreate Eden as each individual connects to their inner truth, listens to their authentic voice, trusts it and expresses it; so each voice gets heard, creating a united whole. This is the experiment of creating Eden on earth. In 2006 Eliana got her chance to practice these ancient sound healing applications in real time, living in the midst of modern day warfare in northern Israel, with rockets exploding around her.

Leaders were inspired by her authentic expression of calm in calamity, heard in the recordings of the audio book she wrote while bombs exploded around her. Gregg Braden, best selling author of “Fractal Time”, endorsed her work a powerful message for powerful times. Susan Jeffers, PhD, bestselling author of – Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway called it a beautiful and intimate voice of reason providing healing tools to apply in all the conflicts life hands us. This element of overcoming fear and remaining calm is another basic element for Authentic Leadership.

From leadership to wellness to the ancient arts


Eliana was invited to the United States to present at the Living Legends of Non-Violence Conference alongside Michael Beckwith, Arun Gandhi, Yolanda King and James Twyman as well at the United Nations where Voices of Eden was publicly cited for helping so many people around the world. Leaders know the importance of down time to replenish their energy.

They look within themselves to connect to the source of their authentic power. When you stop to connect inside yourself, you too can experience amazingly positive results.





Today Eliana is based in the heart of Galilee, and her discoveries are spread throughout the world through Voices of Eden live and online experiential programs and products, proving that one voice can truly make a difference.

More than 450,000 people on all 5 continents, including entrepreneurs, doctors, scientists, artists and well known personalities have experienced the healing properties of this ancient wordless healing modality to deepen their calm, inspire and empower themselves no matter what is going on around them – Authentic Feminine Leadership.

Do you feel like you’re being pushed over the edge?

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Are You Looking Outside for Answers Instead of Going Within?

Voices of Eden Ancient Healing & Transformational Music and relaxation techniques will soothe, calm and support you, like a safety net, so you can stop, take time to meet the terror of change, and work through to the new, better civilization beyond. Like when it’s time for a butterfly to burst out of its chrysalis, inevitable change in the world is in full force around us, and Voices of Eden can sustain you through transformation and ease the process, just like this type of music did in ancient times.

It’s Time to Come Out of your Cocoon

Your Voice is Important. Let Your Voice be Heard!

Look no further, your answers are closer than you can even imagine Voices of Eden is reminding us how to reground, reconnect to magnetic source energy and re-attune for profound calm, comfort and clarity in these times of turbulent change.

An Inspirational Method supported by science and research

Over the last two decades the Voices of Eden Method has practiced, refined and taught the process of connecting to your authentic voice and source of inner poweroften resulting in long-term life-changing transformation for those who implement what they learn.

This includes the Instant Energy exercise , vocal meditations, stress release techniques, healing energy tools of Ancient Israel and feminine wisdom practices of pre-biblical times that attune our students to an even deeper state of calm and clarity for lasting change.

In 2000, at the height of the mid-East uprisings, Eliana approached an Israeli neonatal intensive care unit to research the effects of this live music performed wordlessly as a stress relief modality for the pre-term infants. Necessity is the Mother of Invention. The hospital serves a 50/50% Jewish-Arab population. In the best of circumstances, the environment is stressed. During political strife, tension was of epidemic proportions.

The project, which ran for three years, proved that this live wordless singing and constant rhythm lowers blood pressure, reduces heart rate, increases focus and improves quality of sleep amongst the neonates. The parents and medical staff benefited as well. This reinforced that the Voices of Eden Method is truly universal, bridging cultures and tongues, east and west.

Water Crystal Photo


In 2004 Eliana presented with Dr. Masaru Emoto at a Water Conference on the Shores of the Sea of Galilee, after he expressed interest in researching this special music. According to Emoto, the resultant water crystal showing the positive vibratory effect of the Voices of Eden music is one of the most beautiful to be formed in their laboratories.

In 2006 an energetic test based upon the technology of Dr. Konstantin Karatkov, whose work is applied in all of the major HMO clinics of the former Soviet Union countries, discovered the balancing properties of this five element sound application, used to relieve handicapped youth traumatized by the after-shock of war.

In 2010, Eliana was invited to a round table of NICU music experts in a ground breaking project at Louis Armstrong Beth Israel Medical Center in New York to develop healing music training for music therapists in the NICU setting, where she also presented at the Deepak Chopra Wellness Center. Eliana now presents and performs her work all over the world.

The Voices of Eden Method In The Media

CBSVoices of Eden Implemented in CBS Olympic Games CeremoniesThe Voices of Eden method’s first prime time implementation was during the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 1992 Olympic Games in France.Eliana’s task was to perform the voice-overs for the official Olympic speeches, broadcast to over 60 Million television viewers in the US. Never having done this before, she was terrified.By using the Deep Calm & Focus rooting exercise, along with the stress release techniques now used in the Instant Energy Kit , she not only provided a highly lauded performance, she did it in one take, unrivalled in her field.It was the stepping stone to teaching business leaders and creative change makers how to overcome their fears by facing up to them, connecting to and drawing on inner power for a superior performance, using Voices of Eden techniques.
bbcBBC to the Hindustan Times report Neonatal Research resultsIn 2006 the BBC reported the findings of the neonatal research project led by Dr. Zipporah Dolfin and Dr. Shmuel Arnon, presented at the British Psychological Society. The article focused on the beneficial impact of this five element healing music modality.It was inspiring to experience a female leader present the findings at the conference, and perhaps surprising to discover that she is Arab“ a non-issue at the Israeli hospital, yet an alternative view from the usual polarized portrayals of Israel, regardless of political bent.


Voices of Eden Method on all 5 Continents


The universal application of Voices of Eden’s ancient wisdom inspires presentations, indoor and outdoor performances, workshops and events world-wide.

Connect to your ancestral roots with Voices of Eden Your voice truly makes a difference!

Eliana Gilad is founder of Voices of Eden. Today, she carries on the tradition of healing sounds from ancient scientific and spiritual methods from for stress relief to empower modern Authentic Leadership. Today she spreads this universal transformational experience world-wide by leading the renewed ancestral community of Voices of Eden. The Voices of Eden community is an exceptional group of conscious creative change makers, enthusiastic about inner truth and living and leading authentically. Are you ready to authentically connect? Connect with our online Voices of Eden Community on Facebook, Twitter and visit our blog .

What happens from experiencing Voices of Eden Ancient Healing Transformational Music? How does it help you connect to your authentic voice and power?

1) First you’re transported beyond your mind into deep imperturbable calm. Imperturbable calm is achieved by rooting to the earth’s magnetic core. Icy isolation flows into warm connection. Worries melt away. When triggered you stay balanced. Exhaustion evaporates into rejuvenating slumber. Problem-solving improves. You have inner calm no matter what erupts.Ancient Healing & Transformational Music is being revived for modern stress relief.

Following Eliana’s three presentations on invitation, the UN recognized this renewal of ancient healing wisdom, medically proven by scientific research to induce calm, reduce blood pressure and improve sleep. The UN twice cited Voices of Eden’s important work.In 2010 the prestigious International Music Medicine Journal published a report on the environmental, social and medical benefits of this music modality on premature babies and their care-takers, emphasizing its calming effects. From the 1st taste of this indescribably delicious vibrational sound experience you will learn how to root and attune to your inner power for profound relaxation.

Once rooted and relaxed, you tap into your inner power for instant energy to zap overwhelm, stress, exhaustion and pain.And this is just the first sip of the nectar when you experience this ancient healing and transformational music.

2) Attune to your authentic inner voice of wisdom. Research shows that once we have tuned out of the hubbub of daily life, we can lower our usual resistance and tune in to our authentic inner voice of wisdom.Voices of Eden techniques teach you to attune yourself, just as if you were a musical instrument. Once attuned we can hear the authentic inner voice of wisdom, which is at the core of each of us, a gift from the universe.

Once we stop, listen and hear our true calling, the next step is to express it loud and clear. Voices of Eden is a proven tool to inspire authentic leaders to own their power, and be a powerful influence on the lives of others too.

Exercise your voice’s mind-body healing power. Our voice is the most intimate and profound part of us, the bridge between our inner and outer worlds.

Voices of Eden’s potent vocal vibrations have a healing effect on our minds and our bodies, inside and out – our voices also affect those around us.Modern scientists are finally acknowledging the extensive healing capacity of this ancient music modality, as rediscovered and developed by Voices of Eden. Through exercising you will discover how the techniques are proven to holistically heal, both actively and passively.

3) Consciousness focused on greater awareness. Voices of Eden techniques sharpen your senses. Once you are attuned to the source power, you become conscious of increased focus and heightened awareness. This new awareness leads to greater joy and happiness, an enhanced capacity to love. You are rejuvenated, empowered to authentic leadership. The greater awareness, drawing on your inner source of wisdom, enables you to learn more Voices of Eden techniques to focus and achieve crystal-clear clarity to forge ahead on a positive path to a better new world.

4) Less is more and slow is the fastest way. We must be kind to ourselves. There is no right or wrong way. The process of working with the Voices of Eden techniques is gradual. The elements are brilliantly simple; powerful ancient wisdom to help us survive and thrive in our tumultuous world today.

The unique part of Voices of Eden is its universal application. It bridges our inner and outer worlds, east and west, beyond the limitations of language or culture. The more we actively and passively experience Voices of Eden techniques, our world will become a better place. The essence is that “less is more” and “slow is the fastest way”, which we trust implicitly to lead to the greatest good.

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