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Eliana Gilad’s live ancient musical keynote presentations, healing music, mentoring and information products business began in 1994 after she moved to the Holy Land from France, where she used her voice professionally to broadcast the Olympic Games for CBS Television and developed a special way to help people let go of the blocks which stand in the way of using their natural voice with ease.

Olympic Games – Opening Ceremonies – 1992 Albertville, France

Coming to Israel has enabled her follow through on inner guidance to revive a forgotten secret use of voice and rhythm as natural healing tools that. help people connect to their inner well of wisdom. Eliana loves sharing her abundant gifts: Miriam’s Magical Well of Calm Online Oasis and Retreat, healing music workshops around the globe, musical keynotes and composing unique wordless music at the ancient sites for use as a unique personal gift and for film and media projects. Eliana inspires change makers to extinguish their burnout and reignite their burning passion for life.


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Eliana Gilad is a motivational speaker, teacher, composer, performer and founder of Voices of Eden ¨C Ancient Healing and Transformational Music. Born in the US, Gilad left for France in 1991 and moved to Israel in 1994, dedicating her life’s work to revive the conscious use of voice and rhythm as natural healing instruments, such was used in ancient matriarchal times. This unique wordless music helps people to connect to their inner calm and wisdom. It has been clinically researched in a neonatal intensive care unit and proven to lower blood pressure, heart rate, increasing focus and quality of sleep.

Eliana is a frequent keynote presenter, teacher and performer at healing music, medical, and peace conferences throughout the world. Such events include TEDxVail Women in Colorado, USA, Music and Archaeology Conference (Shuzhou, China), the Chinese Spa Conference, Beijing (2011), Music and Medicine Symposium (2010) where she presented with Dr. Joanne Loewy, director of Music and Medicine Journal, Legends of Non-Violence Conference (2007), where she presented alongside Michael Beckwith, James Twyman, Arun Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson), and Yolanda King (Martin Luther King, Jr.’s daughter). Gilad has presented at the UN, The Chopra Center, and at the 2003 Thank Water Conference, alongside Dr. Masaru Emoto, Messages from Water, who researched her music’s profound effect upon the consciousness of water.

Eliana has written two books: Rhythms of the Natural Voice Workbook (2002), is a companion to the CD Rhythms of the Natural Voice (2001). Quiet in the Eye of the Storm: Living Peace in a War Zone, endorsed by Gregg Braden and Susan Jeffers, is a digital book and audio program written, recorded, and self-published during the 2006 Israeli-Lebanon War.

Eliana has produced five cds and developed a ground breaking relaxation music brand for the worldwide dental industry.
Her music is distributed by the all of the major market players, including www.itunes.com/, www.musicmatch.com/, and www.rhapsody.com/, among others. Spa market distribution in the US is handled through www.atpeacemedia.com/.

Eliana narrated the “The Forgotten Jews,” a PBS documentary broadcast in November 2005. In 1992, she broadcast the voice-overs for CBS television during the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville, France.

Eliana’s work has been featured in Drummer, Yoga Journal, Mothering, Music and Medicine Journal, Global Rhythm, and in the international press from the BBC to the Hindustan Times.

About Voices of Eden – Ancient Healing and Transformational Music

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