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    Gregg Braden
    Gregg Braden, best selling author of Fractal Time and The Isaiah Effect


    Susan Jeffers, PhD
    Bestselling author of Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

    A beautiful and intimate voice of reason providing healing tools to apply in all the conflicts life hands us.


    Allison Shony
    Professional Business Administration

    I used to dread meeting with certain clients. After working with Eliana a shift occurred, my energy is renewed and I am achieving more with less effort." With certain clients I always found myself dreading having to talk to them or to explain things to them - I would have to steel myself for what looked to the rest of the world like simply a pleasant, professional encounter. But for me inside, it was awful, a knot of nerves, stumbling for words, followed by kicking myself later for all the things I could have said differently.


    I am finally able to get a good nights sleep."

    My son was in ER one night this week. I got little sleep and couldn't, even when I had the opportunity. Working with you broke through all that for me.I used the music yesterday to meditate with and ended up falling asleep.

    I haven't relaxed to that depth in weeks. It was the BEST hour long rest I've ever had....preping me for a great night's sleep in which I let my music play all night.Blessings and much gratitude....


    Jean Ferraraccio
    Founder Nurture's Path Wellness Center NYC

    Since the Live Workshop with you, I have had such an amazing amount of emotional activation for release morning, noon and night!!!! I hear the Cosmic Melody in part or whole in my head during moments of stillness, so I'm humming and singing everywhere. There is something so pure in that simplicity of starting with silence and ending with silence. It allows universal vibration to resound with healing through every cell of my body. It is so beautiful. Please consider coming back to NYC for another Workshop. It seems that the door was just opened! I would love to experience my voice more and learn some rhythm and movement.


    Linda MacDonald
    Medical Professional, Retirement Specialist

    With a rich history in the medical field, I spend most of my time in a state of panic, despite all that I know about spirituality and philosophy. But the moment I followed the instruction about humming, I was not only consumed with emotion but was visited by a peace I haven't felt in months. As I sit here writing this, that peace is still with me as is this internal voice that is becoming ever stronger: TRUST ME.


    Esther Kluk
    Independent Art Dealer

    We are having increasing confrontation with our belief, trust and heart, and you provide a wonderful example for hope.

    Ancient Musical Keys to Calm you Now

    • Pomegranates are an Ancient Universal symbol of Wisdom, Focus and Abundance.
    • Bells alter awareness and sharpen focus in the present moment.
    • Frame Drums symbolize lunar energy and soothing tidal rhythmic grounding.
    • The sound of Finger Cymbals is known to summon Divine Presence and Inner Calm.
    • Voices of Eden Water Crystal in research by Dr Masaru Emoto demonstrates musical calm.

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